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    For Sale  Colo, 2010 LX, 150k mi, $24k

    2010 LX, Silver, grey interior, 150k, Slee sliders, remote start, no rust.... Pictures @ $24k obo....Flats: 719-588-9895
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    Noise under drivers seat

    2010 LX570...Engine on, everything else OFF; heater, radio, all fans and still her a motor noise under drivers seat...can seat cooling fan be stuck on?? Thanks for response!
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    Humming pump like sound

    2010 LX570, with engine on or off there is a constant, low volume humming, pump like sound. Can't hear with radio on and doesn't sound like its coming from engine compartment. Anyone ever hear something like this? Where was it coming from? Thanks for reply...Flats
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    Rod Vault on LX 570

    2010 LX 570, Anyone install a rod vault? Does it work well & fit ok? Thanks for input....Flats
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    For Sale  Set of 5 20" wheels

    20 inch wheels and tires off a 200 series LX570. $400 for the set, you pick up in Colorado...Thanks..Flats 719-588-9895
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    LX 570, no dust deflector above rear window

    Traveling on a dirt road on my way fishing and noticed my rear window getting real dusty and wondering why the rear dust deflector wasn't shooting air down over window and keeping it dust dust deflector, just a rear spoiler! All my other 100 series LC's and LX's have had the rear dust...
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    For Sale  2006 LC in Colorado

    2006 LC, 154K, New water pump & timing belt at 146K, AHC works fine, Silver w/ gray interior, Nav, front brush guard and side steps, well taken care of, bought 2010 LX from private party and don't need the LC, clean Carfax, in Colorado...$20K Contact: 719-588-9895
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    Trailer wire harness on LX570

    Need to install a wire harness for a trailer hook up as my LX doesn't have the wiring receptacle. Anyone install one and where did you install the receptacle? Pictures would be great! Thanks for the replies. Flats
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    For Sale  20" LX 570 Wheels

    10 spoke, silver, 20", 2010 LX 5 bolt pattern, $500 for 4 or $600 for 5, in good condition...Will deliver in Colorado
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    Wanted  Near Colorado, 06 or 07 LX 470

    Low miles and no rust please....Thank you
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    2007 Landcruiser & LX470 Body Parts

    Are 2007 Land Cruiser and LX 470 body part like side steps and brush guards interchangeable?
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    Clank in rear from stop & go

    When stopped and accelerate, there is a clank in the rear end. Everything is fine after that, no vibration at higher speeds or anything, just at start after being stopped. u joint?
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    06 LC, Shuts down, wait 5 minutes

    07 LC, Will be driving and will shut down, open hood and wait 5 minutes and will start and run like nothing happened??? 3rd time this has happened in 4 years, just don't want to b in a remote place and have it NOT start up. Anyone have an similar experience???...Thanks for reply....Flats
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