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  1. 60ranchero

    Wanted  Colorado - 2 Groove Water Pump Pulley

    I am looking for a two groove water pump pulley for solid fan (no fan clutch). The two groove pulley is approximately 3" deep. I believe these came on 75-79 FJ40/FJ55 without a clutch fan. Thanks.
  2. 60ranchero

    Wanted  Colorado: Front Disc Brake Conversion Parts

    Wanting to purchase FJ40 or FJ60 front disc brake conversion parts to convert a 1971 FJ40 from front drum to disc brakes. Looking for everything from the knuckles out. May consider a whole front axle if local. Thanks!
  3. 60ranchero

    Wanted  F Exhaust Manifold or 2F Down Pipe

    Looking for a 1971 F exhaust manifold or down pipe for 1984 2F manifold - entire down pipe or flanged section that mounts to a 2F manifold. Thanks.
  4. 60ranchero

    Wheel Powder Coating Suggestions

    Anyone suggest a good company to sand blast and powder coat (5) original wheels for an FJ40 in the Denver area?
  5. 60ranchero

    Wanted  1F or 2F Engine Colorado

    The engine in my 1971 FJ40 runs but has a bad rod knock and low compression in #5 cylinder. I am looking for a good used or rebuilt 1F or 2F motor or recommendations for a good 1F engine builder in the Denver, Colorado area. Thank you!
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