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  1. HGB

    LX towing French cargo question...

    Can someone school me on the possible (safe) ways of towing this with my 2013 LX? Would a tow dolly work or is a trailer required? Looking for some thing that doesn’t take up a ton of space.
  2. HGB

    16+ LX guys... show me your racks! (roof rails)

    I'm wondering if I can retrofit the 16+ roof rails onto my 13. I like the low profile look (almost looks like it doesn't have a rack) that would allow me to add aftermarket crossbars without gaining an extra 3-4" from the 2013 roof rails. I can see photos of them online, but I'm curious on...
  3. HGB

    Land cruiser and LX570 entine stalling recall

    Looks like 2014-15 LC200 & LX570 are affected. I have a 13 LX and I’m not sure what was different compared to 14/15... hopefully I’m safe...
  4. HGB

    AHC over-ride speed defaults (On-the-fly height adjustment)

    I want to commend @turbo8 for successfully pioneering the deletion of the AHC system in the US. Before his accomplishment, it was largely thought to be near impossible without throwing a litany of error codes. The topic I'd like to open (with enthusiasm stemming from Turbo doing the...
  5. HGB

    Road hazard warranty purchased- use it on this?

    Hey all- Had this happen while driving in Colorado. Still will need to inspect the other tires. My question is whether this is dangerous in any way? With tires and brakes I prefer to err on the side of caution. Seems minor but I have no working knowledge of how this may have compromised the...
  6. HGB

    Help identifying possible leak- Solved.

    13 LX 570 here. I just finished washing my truck and noticed a leak in the rear of the car. Attached is a photo, I’m wondering if this is a rear shock leak or could more simply be from the pressurized automatic wash. what is behind that hole?
  7. HGB

    For Sale  17” Method NV 305 black wheels

    For sale: 17 x 8.5Method NV 305 5x150 Tundra, land cruiser bolt pattern. Part no MR30578558500. Offset 0. Lowest price online is $970 + shipping + $80 for lug bolts. Selling with black lug nut kit for $770+shipping or pickup in Kansas City. Used for under 4K miles, never wheeled. No signs...
  8. HGB

    Michelin LTX defender vs KO2 snow performance

    Currently have both tires but an offer stands to sell my KO2’s. The only real reason I’m hesitant is due to the road trips I have planned to Colorado that would require a decent amount of driving in snow. I don’t plan to take more than two trips/season so I don’t want a dedicated winter...
  9. HGB

    RTH Silly question

    I’m going to discount tire now to test fit a new tire size that may potentially rub. They only have two of the tires and an effort to also save them time should I not purchase the tires, can I have them install two tires on the front axles and leave my similar, but smaller size in back and drive...
  10. HGB

    Sleeping platform using third row seats

    Has anyone tried using the second and third row seats folded down as a makeshift sleeping platform? I have some small MDF sheets I was thinking to place over the seats to cover the gaps. Here’s a photo of my sleeping pad laid over the seats (without the board). I‘ve tried it with the second...
  11. HGB

    AHC Sensor lift without equalizing pressures via TechStream

    Through reading the very helpful AHC Sensor lift thread, I know that with 10 minutes in the driveway and limited tools, one can lift their LX a couple inches. What I am wondering, however, is what long term damage can be caused without changing data in TechStream? On the 100 torsion bars can...
  12. HGB

    Safely securing luggage and cargo in rear

    I’ve started to take more trips in my 200 as of late and that poses a new challenge: how do I safely secure large suitcases to prevent them from shifting in the case of an accident? God forbid it happens, but I’m aware that loose cargo can make an otherwise routine accident much more lethal...
  13. HGB

    2022 200 series photo leak

    Alright guys, looks like ground clearance is taking a step backwards...
  14. HGB

    RTH Help. 4 lo light flashing after using crawl control.

    Pardon my 4wheel ignorance. Was out testing crawl control and came to get back in H4. Initially tried to get into h4 while stopped but transmission in D. It started flashing 4lo and beeping at me until I went back into L4. I then tried in neutral, and the beeping stopped But I still have...
  15. HGB

    LX570 Taillight removal

    The corner lights are straightforward to remove, but the inner lights attached to the tailgate seem to have a strip restricting access to screws/bolts. Anyone have a screenshot of the FSM removal process and required tools? TIA
  16. HGB

    Are roof rack end caps needed to prevent water intrusion?

    I had the Toyota dealership remove my roof rack six months ago. They placed the rack in the back of my vehicle and when I got home I gently set it in my garage. I have a trip coming up and need a roof basket so I need to install the roof rack again. When I came to do so the end caps on the roof...
  17. HGB

    How to replace sunroof seal?

    On my third 200 series LX and am experiencing both water intrusion when washing the car and extremely excessive wind noise when driving and the shade is open. This noise is unlike any other LX I’ve had. Some noise is normal, this is very annoying to where it can affect in cabin conversation...
  18. HGB

    2013 bulb upgrade

    Have a 13 LX and interested in some brighter plug and play bulbs for low, high and fog lights. Priority is low-beams. Is Hikari the go-to choice for 13+ LX as well?
  19. HGB

    Disconnecting AWD

    Is there a quick and easy way to disconnect AWD and allow for some fun off-road for day trips? Let's say that can be done within a couple hours or less? Obviously I would require a solution that doesn't harm the truck. Just want to be able to spin a few donuts in the sand :)
  20. HGB

    AHC for Baja style driving (LX Question)

    I recently went driving in a desert environment and want to know if I can use my AHC on the LX for high-speed driving with some bumps. Obviously not real Baja driving, but I’m talking about 40mph ISH. Or is that going to damage the accumulators / globes? would you suggest putting it in comfort...
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