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  1. MAO

    Wanted  Dented side cover for 2f

    I believe they came with late FJ40 and FJ60. Let me know
  2. MAO

    Wanted  65 fj45 top

    fellers, I'm in search of a removable top for a 65 FJ45. I can't seem to find one....
  3. MAO

    Wanted  1982 FJ40 dash vents/defroster

    I believe they only came in "high altitude" models and not in all late model 40s. In any event, I'm looking for a pair of those dash defrost vents. Anyone with a set? they don't have to be new or pretty
  4. MAO

    Wanted  where door hinges hang

    looking for the pillar part of the door hinge, where the actual door hinge hangs with the pin. I don't really know the name and a google search returned nothing.. I t is for a 72 40 thanks
  5. MAO

    Wanted  e brake cable, late fJ40

    gents I'm looking for an emergency parking brake cable for a 1982 Fj40. shipped to 92154 please
  6. MAO

    Wanted  jack rod mounts brackets fj40

    hello I need a couple of the brackets where the jack rod mount on a fj40, they're sort of a pressure clip on for the rod. let me know if you've got any thanks
  7. MAO

    Wanted  side sliding glass for Troopy

    guys I need the driver side sliding window glass for my 80 Land Cruiser RHD Troop Carrier. I'm not sure if the ones from a 40 series would fit, but if anyone has the measurements, I could check, as I have the other side glass intact. Looking to get the front part glass and the handle/latch. Any...
  8. MAO

    Wanted  rear corner window 69 fj40 passenger side

    I believe there are 2 sizes to these windows. I need the bigger size. I just bough one from an unknown year and it turned out to be a bit small. My rig is 69 and I think still has the stock hardtop ALSO I'm still looking for 2F dented side cover a drive shaft and a 4sp with t/case...
  9. MAO

    Wanted  2F dented side cover, drive shafts, 4speed tranny and tcase

    self explanatory tittle. let me know what you have. shipped to 92154
  10. MAO

    Wanted  fj40 several parts wanted

    Looking for a 4 sp clutch fork with hanger, throw out bearing hub, big cap distributor, gas tank braces, windshield to cowl gasket, early door internals, alternator tensioner, 2f thermostat housing (2 of these), early door limiters, 4 sp tranny w/tcase. Im in San Diego. Shoot me a pm with price
  11. MAO

    Wanted  F2 motor mounts

    1976 F2. Need front engine mounts, clutch fork and spring (4sp), thermostat housing, oil filter base, alternator mounting bracket and alternator upper tensioner, F2 valve cover I Think I posted this ad twice but not sure...
  12. MAO

    Wanted  F2 motor mounts, other accessories

    1976 F2. Need front engine mounts, clutch fork and spring (4sp) thermostat housing, oil filter base, alternator mounting bracket and alternator upper tensioner, F2 valve cover
  13. MAO

    Wanted  f2 engine camshaft

    fellows, I need an F2 engine camshaft in good proper working order.. mine broke while taken apart a seized engine Price shipped to 92154 anyone?
  14. MAO

    Wanted  67 fj40 Need tranny hump

    not cut, not rusted through. some surface rusty ok. price shipped to 92154
  15. MAO

    Wanted  4 speed transmission and transfer case

    guys, Im planing to do a swap from a 3 sp to a 4 or even 5 speed on my fj40. Im trying to source a tranny and transfer case near San Diego if possible... let me know if you've got one
  16. MAO

    Wanted  mustard yellow paint 532

    hey guys I'm sure this has been asked before, but does anybody know where I can buy online quality mustard yellow for my fj40? looking for 2stage I'm in Cabo and I tried to have my local dupont shop make a gallon based on the code 532 and they came up with a color that resembles poo, rather...
  17. MAO

    Wanted  need 67 front and jump seats and a long list of parts

    I need the seats with the mount/risers both pass and driver. Toolbox under the driver seat would be icing on the cake. Also, jump seats. Other misc parts needed: set of emblems (apron and rear), tail light assemblies with lenses ( both), bumperettes, rear tire carrier, pass door striker, door...
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