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  1. forksinthetrail

    Help - what is plated, what is painted?

    To make a very long tragic story short I took a variety of engine bay parts/brackets to a soda blaster in Dallas a few years back. My intention was to remove layers of old paint and crud down to either yellow cadmium plating or bare metal if that is what ended up happening. I was looking for a...
  2. forksinthetrail

    For Sale  Misc FJ40, HJ47 parts - gas tank, right hand drive steering box

    Dug through my parts pile today and pulled out some stuff that needs to go. Anyone interested? 2F starter, 2H thermo housing, 1977 tank, new vent window rubber, right hand drive steering box from 1984 HJ47 with center pin.
  3. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Corvallis, OR 1979-1984 40 Series AM Radio, OEM, working condition, remarkable condition

    I have a 1979-1984 AM radio in great condition. Took me a while to find this and then sold the intended recipient. Looking to get out of it what I put into it. $300, plus shipping. Sold for $350
  4. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Corvallis, OR: Used 1977 Fuel Tank - anyone interested

    I put a new fuel tank in my 1977. Tempted to junk scrap this tank but it does not leak and is actually in good shape. Hate to see it go to the dump. Someone can have it if they pay for shipping.
  5. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Oregon: Used 1977 FJ40 radiator, no problems

    This is the original radiator from my 1977 FJ40. Nothing wrong with it I just figured I should grab a new one while Toyota still had them in stock. $25
  6. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Oregon: Brand new running boards - 1968-1978 OEM

    New in box OEM running boards. $150
  7. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Oregon: OEM FJ40 dash pad- new in box

    New dash pad in box. $400
  8. forksinthetrail

    For Sale  Oregon: Late model FJ center console with heater.

    This is a late model XJ4X center console with the heater core and fan built in with control. In great shape aside from the ashtray cover missing. $400. You don't see these for sale very often - it took me forever to find it and now I don't need it....
  9. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Oregon - New in Box H-55F overdrive transmission with shifter

    I have a brand new H55F 5 speed transmission that is a relatively easy upgrade to late model FJ40 with the split transfer case. Comes with seperate shifter and the $3.00 oil diverter thing that is required for reasons I don't entirely understand. Typically sell for $3000 plus. I will do this...
  10. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  Oregon, late model FJ40 bucket seats 1979-1984?

    I have these bucket seats from what I have been told are later model FJ/BJ/HJ 4X. Upholstery is split but still very useable and recoverable. Slightly more modern looking seat than in my 1977. $600 picked up in Oregon or about $140 to ship with back disassembled.
  11. forksinthetrail

    SOLD  SOLD: Corvallis, OR: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 Troop Carrier (RHD)

    SOLD! FOR SALE...1984 HJ47 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER TROOP CARRIER DIESEL (2H) Corvallis, OR $26,000 This is a very clean example of a nearly original late model HJ47. I purchased it in 2013 from Richard Shep of San Diego – the original posting is here: 2013 listing Six cylinder Toyota 2H diesel...
  12. forksinthetrail

    DFW Soda Blasting?

    I have been calling around for soda blasting in DFW and hitting dead ends. I can't believe there is not someone doing it reliably in DFW -- does anyone here have some experience with someone?
  13. forksinthetrail

    FJ40 Parts Source Links

    Bel-Metric Metric Hardware, Metric Fasteners, Metric Bolts, Metric Nuts & Time-Sert Thread Repair Specialty: metric OEM style fasteners Notes: BTB Products BTB Shop Specialty:coversion kits, general parts, used parts Notes: C&G Ford Parts Old Ford Parts at C&G Ford Parts. Tens of thousands in...
  14. forksinthetrail

    For Sale  2/3 of an FJ40 floor mat

    PO owner cut off the driver's side portion of my 1977 FJ40 floor mat. Not in terrible condition otherwise. I recognize it is irreversibly damaged but I can't bring myself to trash it, I figure someone may have a use for it. I just bought a reproduction from CityRacer so I need to get rid of...
  15. forksinthetrail

    For Sale  Set of five 15" White Wagon Wheels with 31 x 10.5 x 15 Wild Countrys

    Set of five 15" White Wagon Wheels with 31 x 10.5 x 15 Wild Countrys. Not sure who is the manufacturer of the wheels. The tires are serviceable but I am not placing any value on them, the wheels are in good shape though. Located in north Dallas, TX. ~$150?
  16. forksinthetrail

    Nicolas Amaru Toyota Collection - Cruiser P0rn

    I got a chance to tour Nicolas Amaru's Private Toyota collection a while back and took a lot of pictures - mostly of the 40 series. There are 300+ vehicles, it is crazy. They are all very clean, very high end restorations. The white 1983 FJ40 really got my attention - factory AC, PS, 27,000...
  17. forksinthetrail

    Transmission/Transfer Case Fill Plugs Connected?

    I changed all the fluids in the new Troopy recently and came across a weird arrangement where the fill plugs for the transmission and transfer case were connected with fittings and a hose. I replaced the setup with new plugs but now that I think about it I fear that there may be some reason I am...
  18. forksinthetrail

    FJ40 Possibly for Sale in New Mexico

    I was in Questa, New Mexico a couple months ago and discovered a late 60's early 70's FJ40 sitting in a yard. The owner was not home but I asked around and the neighbors indicated everything this guy has is for sale. Anyways, I don't want to have a bunch of people hassling him if it is not for...
  19. forksinthetrail

    San Diego Diesel Mechanic for Purchase Inspection

    Maybe you guys can help me out - I am looking to buy a HJ47 in San Diego and as I am not familiar with diesels and even less so Toyota diesels, I am thinking I would like a Toyota experienced diesel mechanic to take a look at it and see if anything jumps out at him as a problem. I suppose...
  20. forksinthetrail

    Missed Opportunity

    I was stupid and did not pull the trigger on this soon enough. Vendo toyota land cruiser en excelente estado If such a thing were to come up again in the future here in Peru, what type of mechanical/import problems should I be thinking about before I make a snap decision? I have to ship a...
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