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    SOLD  Old Man EMU 2850J Springs (pair)

    I have a pair of Old Man EMU 2850J springs with the factory box. Bought them about 6 months ago, and only drove the truck once since, but have now switched over to a Slee 4" Lift system. Southern California -- pickup would be best but can ship at buyer's expense. $100
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    Different 80 Models -- LUB vs. VXL

    Looking to buy some replacement parts, and tells me (by VIN) that my '97 is a FZJ80G-GNPGK , but then in the parts listings page for that model there are two versions of some trim parts listed for '95-'98 vehicles -- one says LUB and one says VXL -- how do I know which is correct...
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    Wanted  Wanted: Whole Hog Woofer Mounting Bracket for '97 Land Cruiser

    Thank you. Sorry if got posted multiple times. My first classified.
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    Seriously delayed 1st-2nd shift in low range only

    '97 with pin 7 mod and CDL switch. Had it offroad last weekend, and when in low range the 1st-2nd shift sometimes didn't happen until 4K RPM. I had no time to dig into it this week so I had a local well-regarded transmission shop take a look. They confirmed the problem, but claim the...
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    For Sale  Ring and Pinion F&R sets from '97 80-series - OEM 4.11

    I upgraded my '97 80-series to 4.88 and have the factory 4.11 sets for sale. They appear to be in perfect condition -- vehicle had about 90K miles when they were removed, and was rarely used off-road. Toyota replacement 4.11 gears are extremely expensive, and I understand aftermarket is not...
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    What thermostat with supercharger - new info

    I have followed all the threads here about cooling on 80-series with SC, and agreed that the 190 thermostat made sense, as the 160 TRD recommends would only delay overheating a bit, and the engine was designed to run at 190. BUT, I had a long talk this morning with Bob Garner, who is the...
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    Re-gearing causes ABS trouble?

    I was just told by a well-known shop (TLC in the LA area) that I should not re-gear the differentials in my '97 LC (factory lockers) because it will screw up the ABS system. FIrst I have heard of this...are they right? Running 33's and was thinking about going to 4.56 Thanks
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    Rebuild Changes for Supercharger

    After the mysterious engine failure on our '97 , we bought a new short block from Toyota, and the mechanic is rebuilding the engine using the original top end. Since I intend to put a TRD supercharger on sometime soon, I was wondering if there were any changes recommended during the rebuild...
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