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  1. papabeach

    Wanted  86-95 hub body x2 wanted

    Adding disc brakes and widening the front of my 40 series to match my 60 rear end. I am in need of a set of 86-95 hub bodies. Pic for reference. Please help a brother out!
  2. papabeach

    Wanted  FJ40 Cowl Vent Pull

    Looking for the pull knob and bushing for mounting. I have a 79 FJ40 from Columbia. It has a radio so I "think" I need the pull knob with the bends in it but am not sure. Thanks! If helpful here is the mechanism I pulled to clean up.
  3. papabeach

    For Sale  1997 Built 80 Series, 3x locked (Tampa, FL)--$17K OBO

    Up for sale is one awesome, well built, much enjoyed 80 series! If you want to overland, explore, camp, travel, bug-out or just simply look like a boss this rig is for you!!! It can be a street queen but please don't punish her like that, she deserves better than that. Only selling because I...
  4. papabeach

    Moving to Tampa!

    Hello everybody, my family is relocating from San Antonio to Tampa in June. We have a built 80 series and built 3rd gen 4Runner that are excited to explore Florida! We have lived and adventured in Colorado, Texas, Maryland and are excited for a more coastal opportunity. We are more into...
  5. papabeach

    rs3000 reinstall (1997 LC)?

    Goal: I would like to use key fob to lock/unlock doors Problem: Prior owner disabled RS3000 system. How...he is not exactly sure (been awhile). He removed dash sensor and thinks also the plug in the pic below. Not sure if he did anything else. -I can easily put the dash sensor back...2...
  6. papabeach

    For Sale  5x 80 series 16x8 and hub caps

    $250 for all 5 wheels $100 for all 5 hub caps Wheels are scratched and scuffed. If you want more pics just ask.
  7. papabeach

    For Sale  80 series upgraded rear door speakers and grills

    Recently upgraded, don't need these anymore. Speakers, grills $50 OBO plus shipping takes all.
  8. papabeach

    2nd row door speaker upgrade 4 to 6.5in

    Nothing cosmic here, been done before. But so simple and almost silly not to do if you listen to music in your 80. Prior owner replaced the original rear door speakers with the 4in Kicker DS400's. While this was...
  9. papabeach

    Broken Drivers Door Pull Fix

    Ever since we picked up the 80 series last Dec the plastic drivers door pull has been broken making it uncomfortable pulling the door shut...lots of flex in the plastic. We were unable to source a oak leather panel to our satisfaction so what else to do but fix it! 1. Cut new backing plate...
  10. papabeach

    For Sale  80 Series (from '97)Misc Parts

    Clearing out my garage...lots of stuff needs to go. Price listed OBO...shipping not included. If you want more pictures just PM me. Pictures at: 80 Series Land Cruiser Parts 1. *Sold*SCS F5 Matte Jet Black 16x8 wheel (x1)-$120 -New, scuffed by Discount Tire on Install and immediately...
  11. papabeach

    New member intro!

    Hello all! I wanted to introduce myself and share a few pics. I am a longterm 3rd gen 4runner guy with a fairly bulit rig (99 5spd e-locker, lifted, sc'd, armor, etc) but finally got the opportunity of a lifetime. A mechanically well maintained and tastfully modded LC80 came up for grabs and...
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