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  1. SHMac

    Tailgate weatherstripping????

    Found these listed at McCabe Toyota FJ55 1/4 GLASS WEATHERSTRIP SET back in stock!
  2. SHMac

    Just moved to Mooresville/Charlotte area from Kona

    Aloha! I am at Lake James (between Asheville and Hickory) about 6 months of the year and in Honolulu the rest of the time. I recommend Trollhole's Cruisers @Trollhole for any work that you need done on your truck. He's in Simspsonville / Greeneville SC, but it's worth the drive. He restored my...
  3. SHMac

    Carolina Relic Run - April 15-17, 2016

    I will be there with my '81 FJ40.
  4. SHMac

    craigslist 1976 FJ55 - Fort Collins, CO

    Relisted on Craigslist: 1976 FJ55 Landcruiser
  5. SHMac

    craigslist 1972 FJ55 - Phoenix (Gilbert), AZ

    NO AFFILIATION Relisted on Craigslist: 1972 Toyota Landcruiser fj55 Asking: $8000 Quote from listing: "Original engine. Still runs good. Painted in 2004. Needs headliner."
  6. SHMac

    eBay 1976 FJ55 - Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

    I agree with Ron - pigs rust from the inside out and visible signs of rust are usually much worse than they appear. The value of these old pigs is highly dependent on the condition of the body. If the rust is not extensive, it is probably worth the winning eBay bid of C $6,599.00, but you won't...
  7. SHMac

    For Sale  1979 FJ55 - Hawaii, Big Island, Keaau

    I Have No Affiliation with the Seller 1979 Toyota Landcruiser FJ55. Asking: $10,000 Quote from Listing: "I am selling my Land Cruiser to buy a truck. She's been my daily driver for 2 years. I've done extensive work to it since I bought it. These repairs include new brake master cylinder and...
  8. SHMac

    eBay  1976 FJ55 - Clarks Summit, PA

    Posted in main Classified Section by Gregg Overton @overton EBay: - 1976 FJ55 - Stellar Low Miles Example Toyota: Land Cruiser Wagon | eBay
  9. SHMac

    eBay  1970 FJ55, Long Beach, CA

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 | eBay Auction Priced with Reserve Quote from Listing: "Bought this vehicle from the last owner while I was attending school in Santa Barbara, CA. in the late 1990s. Former owner stated he purchased it from an Engineer...
  10. SHMac

    craigslist 1974 FJ55 - Orange County (Bonsall), CA

    Now featured on Hemmings To be Auctioned: Nov 18, 2016 to Nov 20, 2016 By: McCormick's 61st Palm Springs Classic Car Auction Location: Palm Springs, California, 92262
  11. SHMac

    craigslist  1971 FJ55 - Seattle, WA

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 ASKING: $7800 Quote from listing: "1971 Toyota Land Cruiser fj55 For sale. I really want to make sure this goes to a good home. The truck is fully operational and very fun to drive. 3 on the tree with 2f motor. Has power...
  12. SHMac

    craigslist 1972 FJ55 - Bend (Sisters), OR

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER Relisted on Craigslist Toyota landcruiser fj55. Now Asking $1700
  13. SHMac

    craigslist 1969 FJ55 - Petaluma, CA

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER Relisted on Craigslist 1969 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 Wagon 4x4 Price Increased to $10,900 Quote from listing: "Hi, selling a 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 4x4 wagon. Body is original with original paint and very little rust. The surface rust areas have...
  14. SHMac

    craigslist 1973 FJ55 - Denver, CO

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER Relisted on Craigslist w/ photos 1973 Land Cruiser FJ55 Wagon & parts car Still Asking $4,800 Quote from Listing: "ARE 1973 Land Cruiser FJ55 wagon, all original and complete straight body and all good glass, better than average rust original 6-cyl F...
  15. SHMac

    craigslist 1972 FJ55 - Anchorage, AK

    Relisted on Craigslist 72 Toyota FJ 55 Price Reduced to: $3500
  16. SHMac

    craigslist 1972 FJ55 - Inland Empire (San Diego), CA

    RELISTED ON CRAIGSLIST 1972 FJ55 Land Cruiser / Iron Pig Price Reduced to $29,999
  17. SHMac

    craigslist  1969 FJ55 - Dealer - Gulfport (Ocean Springs), MS

    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THE SELLER Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 Asking: $15,700 Quote from listing: "Come check out this 1969 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 at Prestige Auto Sales in Ocean Springs, MS! This rare antique comes with a Chevy 350 Conversion with a 4 Barrel Carburetor! For more...
  18. SHMac

    WIN a FREE WARN Zeon 8s

    New restoration with old winch. It would look so munch better with a WARN Zeon 8!!
  19. SHMac

    craigslist  1971 FJ55 - Durango, CO

    NO Affiliation with the Seller 1971 FJ55 Landcruiser w/ V8 Asking: $4550 Quote from Listing: "I have too many projects, so must sell my FJ55 Landcruiser (rare Iron Pig). It is an excellent candidate for restoration or can be kept like it is and used for a daily driver. I have too many...
  20. SHMac

    craigslist  1972 FJ55 - Missoula, MT

    NO Affiliation with the Seller 1972 FJ55 Toyota Lancruiser (iron pig) Asking: $3500 Quote from Listing: "Nice running rare Landcruiser that was bought by the Doobie Brothers manager back in the day. It has some typical rust in the normal areas but not too bad. It has minor issues to be...
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