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  1. Armenoonanian

    Wanted  BJ42 2 wire connector Dome light

    Looking for 1982-84 BJ42 two-wire connector Dome Light.
  2. Armenoonanian

    Wanted  40 Series 1980-1984 Under Hood Locking Latch Bib /Grill Mounted Later Pull Cable Release Style ASSY.

    hi , I am looking for the Later Optional 440 Series 1980-1984 Under Hood Locking Latch Bib /Grill Mounted Later Pull Cable Release Style ASSY. for / that came off of a LHD / Left Hand Drive FJ / BJ / HJ / 40 ,42 , 43 ,45 , 47 part # 53510-90800 or 53510-90101 - I need any...
  3. Armenoonanian

    Brand New Upper Dash Pad for 9/72-1984 fj40 and bj40

    This is a brand new Dash Pad for all 9/72-10/84 Toyota 40 series Land Cruisers Direct fit to 9/1972-10/1984 40 all series Toyota Land Cruisers: This dash pad made by Toyota technology on the real metal frame support from the modern durable...
  4. Armenoonanian

    Brand new Lower dash pads for 9/72-10/82 & 10/82-84

    Real Rubber! German Great quality!!! Same TOYOTA OEM excellent look guaranteed!!! 3 piece set is for 9/72-10/82 & 2 piece set for 10/82-84 Excellent quality product made in Germany from the modern durable...
  5. Armenoonanian

    Wanted  Jump seat

    Looking for a pair of rear jump seats. Please let me know if anyone have a good pair for sell.
  6. Armenoonanian

    FJ40 Gauge cluster, switches, knobs restoration. Please take a look to the pics and let me know if y

    This is already 10 years I professionally restore fj40 gauge clusters, switches, knobs and more. Please take a look to some of my works and let me know if you ever need my service.
  7. Armenoonanian

    FJ40 Lower Dash Pads

    Have excellent German quality brand new Lower dash pads. Made of real rubber on the metal frame by German dash maker company. 100% identical to Toyota oem. -Three (3) piece set for 9/72-10/82 -Two (2) piece set for 10/82-84 Super look and fantastic quality guaranteed!
  8. Armenoonanian

    Rear end

    I have a 1974 fj40 with Toyota 3FE engine from '89 fj62. Also got in perfect condition Mickey Thomson Baja 32 X 12 X 18 great tiers on it. Every time when I reach around 40 + mph I hear roaring from the rear end. The noise is disappearing as soon as I change gear to neutral . Because of that...
  9. Armenoonanian

    Wanted  FJ25 gauge cluster

    Looking for a gauge cluster for 1958 gauge cluster. Please let me know if you have one. (818) 730-1331 Armen
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