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  1. mehbohdi

    NSS wiring harness availibilty

    So I'm finishing up my Turbo install, things have gone well waiting for 1 more piece of puzzle and we are ready to go. So I knew I've been needing to replace Neutral Safety Switch, have new 1 from Toyota, figured I'll knock this out. So far everything has gone well no broke off bolts, didn't...
  2. mehbohdi

    Wanted  Used ARB front bumper 95 FZJ80

    I'm in PNW, don't want to ship, will come pick up. As long as it's not bent i'm interested. THX
  3. mehbohdi

    ? For those who own more than 1 FZJ80?

    I have a 1995 80, I have opportunity to buy a 1997 for a parts rig, decent condition bad engine. My question is, for a parts rig should I stick with a 95 cause I own a 95 or get the 97? My experience in the past has been get same year and model. I know there is minor differences but everything...
  4. mehbohdi

    The KISS solo drawer install

    I posted in what I did this weekend to start this and decided I should start a thread. I was lucky enough to get 1 of the beta solo drawers from cruzerdave couple months ago and I'm finally getting around to to installing it and posting some pics to go with it. So here it...
  5. mehbohdi

    For Sale  1995 FZJ80 stock springs,shocks

    (TJM SOLD) (Frt springs SOLD) Installed new lift these came off, 4 Tokicos in good shape (all rubber in good shape, previous owner installed these shocks not sure how old they are), springs (Crusier had 3rd row seats),rear springs $40, shocks $75 plus shipping. Will accept Paypal will ship USPS
  6. mehbohdi

    For Sale  Any interest in my Brown tailgate carpet

    I just installed Trail Tailor tail gate doors. I removed a good condition brown carpet w/backer board, no water damage. I will post pic if any interest. How about $50 plus shipping. This came out of 1995 FZJ80
  7. mehbohdi

    For Sale  FJ80 W/flares Front Mud flaps

    SOLD! Took off my 80, in good condition all bolt holes in good shape, no cracks $50 plus shipping USPS
  8. mehbohdi

    For Sale  FZJ80 dual swing ARB rear bumper

    SOLD! Bought this on Mud last spring, got it home decided to do some touch up fix the rusty spots. Ended up disassembling the whole thing, new spindles, bearings, seals, swing out strut, wing caps and repainted the parts that needed it with epoxy appliance paint which happens to match powder...
  9. mehbohdi

    Wanted  Passenger side headlight 95 FZJ80

    What I really need is the reflector "mirrors", I have a good lense I am going to separate housing. If you have a good complete assembly I will also be interested. Thanks
  10. mehbohdi

    Wanted  1995 80 running board end caps for flares

    I need left and right, front and rear caps prefer black ones but I can paint them. Thanks
  11. mehbohdi

    For Sale  05+Taco/ 07+FJ JBA Headers, Braided lines, TRD frt struts

    I have JBA Headers for V6 New in box P/# 2035S $300 + shipping Also Crown Performance SS braided 4"extended brake lines $75.00 + shipping Came off 05 Tacoma TRD front struts Removed at less than 8,000 miles. Bought truck new. $75.00 + shipping I check messages early morning (PST) and evenings...
  12. mehbohdi

    Wanted  1995 FJ80 Running boards

    I live in PNW I can come get in Wasington, just about anywhere else i'll pay for shipping.
  13. mehbohdi

    Opinions? 80 or 100

    I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a 95-97 FJ80 or a 01 or newer 100. I'm partial to 80 series but I did own a 05 Tacoma and did like the way it drove, I have owned quite a few solid front axle 4wd's, still own and drive 01 dodge diesel every day for work. This is a toy for me not DD...
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