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  1. Pura Vida

    Warn winch 8274

    Where do y’all get an 8274? I don’t want to spend 2500 bucks on an old winch that was sold for a trillion years. Is eBay or Craigslist a place to look? I am also unsure about what to look for and what to avoid. Advice?
  2. Pura Vida

    Hell for stout vs skyjacker 4 inch lift?

    I have heard good things about both lifts. What is muds opinion on them? I'm deciding on a 4 inch lift.
  3. Pura Vida

    Weirdest modifications on a 40

    What are some of the weirdest modifications you have seen in real life, or on the internet that has been done to a forty? I have seen some pretty wacky stuff online, and thought it would be fun to share some pictures of some of them here. I’ll start. This one is pretty cool, but pretty wacky...
  4. Pura Vida

    milestar Patagonia?

    I have been looking up good tires, and I stumbled on the milestar Patagonia. People say it is a great tire that lasts a decent time, has quiet road noise, pretty good off road, and looks good. Anyone have any experience with these tires? I’m a 17 year old high school student, so keep that budget...
  5. Pura Vida

    My progression over the coming years with an interesting forty

    I’m going to be posting to this thread with my progression of my truck. This truck is my first car that I bought when I was 15.It is a 1979 (sike, turns out it’s a 77) BJ40 diesel. I bought it from a guy in Costa Rica who restored a ton of stuff back to factory spec. I got a killer deal on it...
  6. Pura Vida

    BJ40 on 31s and a 4 inch lift

    Hello all, I am currently running a 40 series diesel at stock height with 31s on it. I’m considering a 4 inch lift, but I’m not sure how tacky it will look with 31s on it. Does anyone have a 4 inch lift with 31 inch tires? I would like to see a picture to see if I should go for a 4 inch lift or...
  7. Pura Vida

    Toyota 2b diesel head

    Hello everyone! I have a Toyota land cruiser 2/1979 BJ40, and it came with the 2b engine with a casting number 11411-56020 on the block. I cracked my head, and I can't find another one anywhere online. there are some remanufactured ones, but they say the head is the same for all the early B...
  8. Pura Vida

    1985 HJ45 fuses and lights

    Hello all! I have recently purchased a 1980 HJ45 from Costa Rica and imported it. I love the diesel inline 6, but I have run into a few problems. For one, the left side brake, turn signal and reverse light are very dim and almost impossible to see during the day. I suspect it is a fuse problem...
  9. Pura Vida

    B and 2B compatibility

    Hello everyone! this is my first post and I joined to get answers about my car. I bought a late model 1979 land cruiser BJ40 in Costa Rica with a 2B engine and imported it. recently, the engine warped and it needs a full rebuild or replacement. I found a 1B engine for sale and I wasn't sure if...
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