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  1. matttaylor1976

    Sally has moved on

    My 80 has changed hands. My buddy Chris in Antelope has her now, and is busy fixing a year and a half of neglect. In the meantime, i'm going to start saving for a 40 or 60 series. Stay tuned.....
  2. matttaylor1976

    MetalTech front bumper and 10k engo winch for sale

    Paid $650 + shipping a few years ago, will let it go for $450 (obo). bumper is bed lined. Winch hasn't been used in a year, but is in working order, was tested a week ago. Selling to fund repairs to my 80. Pic in my avatar <------
  3. matttaylor1976

    Where is everyone

    We've been dead in here for a while, kinda like my cruiser. Whats everyone up to? My cruiser is parked, and has been since Jan, wont pass smog, and blowing smoke (not head gasket). I have a theory I'm going to test this weekend, if I'm right, I'll have a great story that will get a lot of...
  4. matttaylor1976

    Pismo in September

    Had another cruiser head ask about the Pismo run. Whats the deal yo? Erick, Mark, Matt, spill the beans. Lets get this one planned out.
  5. matttaylor1976

    Happy Fathers day!

    For all the other fathers out there, Happy our day!
  6. matttaylor1976

    Eagle Lakes, Memorial weekend

    Will be heading up and camping at Eagle lakes, Memorial weekend. Will get there Saturday morning, and staying until Monday morning. If anyone wants to join, let me know. If anyone wants to come, i will grab a large campsite so there is room.
  7. matttaylor1976

    Spare tire chain

    Anyone that has moved their spare tire to a bumper have the chain assembly and tools available? I need to get the spare out of the trunk, and until i get a bumper want to slap it under the rig. Mine didnt have the chain, or the tools when i bought it.
  8. matttaylor1976

    Need ideas for tensioner removal

    Posted this in my club section, but since I'm the lone 3f-e owner, figured I'd get more input here. The adjustment bolt for my alt / power steering idler pulley snapped. The bolt that holds the pulley on to the bracket is starting to strip. Shy of pulling the radiator and attacking full on from...
  9. matttaylor1976

    Need ideas

    The adjustment bolt for my alt / power steering idler pulley snapped. The bolt that holds the pulley on to the bracket is starting to strip. Shy of pulling the radiator and attacking full on from the front, anyone have any ideas on how to pull it? I have the idler pulley from the AC belt...
  10. matttaylor1976

    Castor plates

    In the market to finally add castor plates. Who makes the best? Want simple install, with minimal hassle. I know some of them need some finesse (creativity) to get the driver side to work right. Metaltech, Slee....????
  11. matttaylor1976

    July 18-20 NORCAl run

    Since not everyone may have seen this, there is a run happening in July, and a few of us are already going. Going to leave this here for any questions or planning that needs to be done. Trip
  12. matttaylor1976

    New site look?

    I personally like it, definitely a step up. What is everyone else's impressions?
  13. matttaylor1976

    Another meet?

    2 votes so far for another meeting at my place. Anyone else in, any ideas on timing? No lawn wheeling this time :D, it'll be low key, but still fun, and we can still park the rigs in the backyard, bbq and have a bonfire.
  14. matttaylor1976

    Nevada desert

    Heading up to the Nevada desert the weekend after Christmas with some friends. North of Reno, middle of nowhere, 20ish miles from Pyramid Lake. Anyone ever been there? Anyone want to tag along? I know there will be nothing around, and fuel cans on-board are required. I know as of now, i'm...
  15. matttaylor1976

    Eagles Lakes Sunday 6/23 - Tuesday 6/25

    Will be up running EL from Sunday afternoon on the 23rd, through sometime on Tuesday. Plan is to camp by the river, and explore the "backside" as well as make a run out to the lake at the end. I've got a group of 4 going as of now. One of the group is in the process of rebuilding his rig, so...
  16. matttaylor1976

    Long shot - Need some 235/75/15's

    We finally found Kathy a Exploder, not my first choice, but its 4x4 and the price was right......regardless, it needs tires badly. The front has 205 snow tires, and the back has 235's. I need to find at the least 2 235's for the front, but a set of 4 would be ideal. Anyone have some...
  17. matttaylor1976

    Meet N Greet - Part Duex

    The second GCC Meeting will be April 21st, here at my house. The festivities will begin at about 1pm. This will let those of you heading to Stockton for the swap meet sleep in a bit. Erik (dude, i never know if i am spelling it right, enlighten me) and I figured this date would be good for...
  18. matttaylor1976

    PSA - Snow, and CA mountain folk

    PSA's of the day: 1) Just because you have an "all wheel drive" vehicle, doesnt mean you can drive like a douche. This was evident by all the abandoned vehicles left on the sides of the road up here today. The tow companies made a FORTUNE today, and CHP wrote a WHOLE lot of tickets. 2) City...
  19. matttaylor1976

    Bon fire tonight - You are all welcome

    We're going to take advantage of this last day of warm weather, and have a bbq and bon fire tonight. Everyone is invited, give me a call if you want to come up. I know it's last minute, but since it's a 3 day weekend, figured some of you might be sitting around the house. Matt five 3 zero 205...
  20. matttaylor1976

    Superbowl Sunday

    Whats everyone doing? I'm having a party here, if you don't have plans, or are in the area, swing by. Lots o' food and fun to be had.
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