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    Wanted  Fj60 spare tire tool kit

    Looking for Fj60 spare tire tool kit to manage spare tires carrier. Doesn’t have to be spotless but just functional condition. PM with price plus shipping to 80220
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    Another FJ60 hesitation/stutter/hard to start when warm thread

    Perhaps it’s a combination of things such as my 2f (cityracer) carb not being sufficiently leaned out along with the lack of a functional carb fan but wanted the MUD experts to weigh in. Been daily driving my 60 for the past month without a single issue. The only thing that has changed is the...
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    Rear tire carrier crossmember bolt size?

    I'm not near my Fj60 at the moment and was going to reinstall the spare tire carrier but have long since lost the bolts. Does anyone know the size and thread pitch of the 4 bolts that mount it back to the frame? Looked on SOR and other sites and can't seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.
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    Fj60 water pump help.

    Changing out water pump and associated hoses and I’ve run into a snag. Getting frustrated trying to remount the water pump. I attached the hoses loosely to keep them in place but the smaller water pump to oil cooler hose bracket keeps getting in the way. Does it mount to the back of the harmonic...
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    SOLD  (Found) Early Fj60 spare tire carrier assembly

    As title says. Looking for Spare tire carrier assembly (part no. 51900-60090) that is functional. Still available from stealership but surely someone has one available that they aren’t using at a decent price. PM me price including shipping to 72207. Picture posted for cross reference.
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    Wanted  Fj60 blower motor relay

    As title says. Looking for blower motor relay for an 84 fj60. Seem to be nla from the dealership.
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    Heat Blower / Fusible Link / Electrical Help

    Trying to chase down heater malfunction and after trying to wrap my brain around the wiring diagram, I am now thinking it may be the "Red" portion of my fusible link. Please point me in another direction if this seems ridiculous or if I am way off. Photos of wiring diagram to follow but here are...
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    For Sale  Fj60 carbs and intake/exhaust manifold

    As title says, have 2 carbs (1 OEM) for sale and a pair of intake/exhaust manifold so took off of my 84 Fj60. All parts are obviously used. 1. Intake/exhaust manifold: $100 plus shipping. Intake has the typical crack this one being slightly more impressive than others I’ve seen. 2...
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    Barrett Jackson...

    Anyone see this one? Goes from round to square headlights in the matter of a few pictures and I doubt that’s the only oddity. 3sp auto trans? Kevlar bfgs? 1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER HJ60 - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions
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    SOLD  Early Fj60 double Cardan front driveshaft

    As title reads, looking for a driveshaft to fit an early Fj60. What’s out there?
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    Heater help...

    I guess I need some help figuring out what’s going on with my heater. Flipping the heat selector, I can hear an audible click from the fuse area but nothing happens at any fan speed. Blower doesn’t kick at all which is why I though it may be the blower motor. Pulled the motor and direct wired to...
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    For Sale  88 fj62 (central AR)

    Went by a local dealership today to see this 88 fj62. They had a deposit on it but seems like the buyer flaked our. Now I’m sitting here trying to convince the wife that I need another car before we move cross country to Denver in a few months. Anyways, it’s pretty clean and I think can be had...
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    Help a moron... rear seat won’t fold.

    I’m apparently doing something really wrong but i can’t seem to get he rear seat bottom to fold forward. From what I remember there is a catch in the center between the cushions that needs to be accessed. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m looking for a handout. Anyone feeling charitable?
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    Distributor questions.

    Purchased the dizzy cityracer sells and am attempting to install it today. It’s part number 19110-61180 (mid cap?) and will replace the HEI the PO put in. Am I correct in assuming that I will also require a distributor clamp as well?
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    Wanted  Fj60 distributor

    as title says I’m looking to go back to a stock distributor from the HEI dizzy I currently have that the PO installed. Looked at the cityracer distributor but think I’d rather keep it as simple as possible if I can come across one with a functional vacuum advance. All lead appreciated.
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    Wanted  Rebuilt 2f

    As title say, I'm in the process of looking for a rebuilt 2f to throw in my 84 fj60. I know many will make the suggestion to go for the Chevy V8 but I'm just not interested in it. I would however humor the suggestion of a 1hzt diesel if the price was right. Really just want to see what is out...
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    Wanted  Intake and exhaust manifolds for 1984 fj60 2f

    As title says. Looking for a set of intake and exhaust manifolds in good condition. Would need shipping to 72207 included in price.
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    Trollhole carb and possible idle solenoid issue?

    Installed new trollhole carb a few weeks ago but have been having trouble idling once warm and after long (~ 5mi highway drives when I’m come to a stop). Truck will idle down to an eventual stall and is then really difficult to start. Black smoke coming from the exhaust makes me think it’s...
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    Help with differential diagnosis before it’s too late...

    finally got my 1984 fj60 running and driving, but have noticed some high pitched “clicking” seemingly coming from the rear wheels when I turn sharply at slow speeds. I completely replaced the drums as they were shot and needed to be done regardless but still no change. Now I’m planning for a...
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    1984 2f fj60 fuel pump and spacer question

    Attempting to install a new fuel pump in the next day or so. Parts came in today but I’m concerned I may not have the correct pump or spacer. Was shipped the parts below. Seems like the pump was initially intended for a 40, but are they interchangeable between a late 40 and early 60? If so, I’m...
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