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  1. a77fj40

    For Sale  ‘77 CA exhaust Manifold with EGR cooler and valve

    Finally got ahold of a Downey smog legal header and passed smog no problem so this can go. No visible cracks and it didn’t leak when I took it off. Only issue is a broken bolt on the pipe flange but it should be an easy fix. $500 OBO. Way to heavy to ship so pickup in Socal only
  2. a77fj40

    For Sale  Mad Max called....he wants his 60 back holy crap....not mine but i kind of wish it was.
  3. a77fj40

    BaT  70 40 V8 on BaT - No Affiliation looks like a bit of a hack job but it might be fun to beat if the price is right.
  4. a77fj40

    If anyone is crazy enough to do this its you guys....

    Just kind of brainstorming and wondering if anyone has ever grafted an FJ40 front clip onto and FJ55?
  5. a77fj40

    Help with a t-case adapter

    Cruiser parts has this adapter listed which Advance Adapters doesn't show on its website. Also curiserparts says that its for a 79-95 transfer case with a 21 spline input shaft. that doesn't make any sense to me because there wasn't a common t-case for those years and none that i can find have...
  6. a77fj40

    Good vehicle shipper

    I've got a vehicle i need shipped to CA from the upper peninsula MI and I'm having trouble finding a shipper that is willing to do it. Does anyone know of a good vehicle shipping company? thanks, Demian
  7. a77fj40

    Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Has anyone ever used these guys to replace the webbing on your seat belts? If not does anyone have a recommended place to get this done? thanks, Demian
  8. a77fj40

    craigslist  Deal of the century - Not mine

    TOYOTA FJ 43 1977 Only half a mil. gentlemen get your check books out.
  9. a77fj40

    For Sale  65 vent knob and cable with duct

    Came off of a 65 I bought. Looking to sell as a package. $80 plus the ride from 92543
  10. a77fj40

    For Sale  65 tub on a 78 frame - SOLD

    ive got a 65 tub on a 78 frame with 65 axles ready to roll with a title. Not too sure on the tubs history but I know it spent the last 17 years in the Socal desert and then Nevada before that. It's got a cool UNLV parking permit from 1977 on it. Tub is in phenomenal shape except for the drivers...
  11. a77fj40

    H42 Question

    I need the dimension from the front (engine side) of the case to the center of the shifter. Thanks in advance. db
  12. a77fj40

    Transfer Case Options

    I'm planning a build and i hit a snag with the transfer case. i'm using the AX-15 trans and the stock axles. i can't find an adapter from the AX-15 to the stock transfer case and i cant find a transfer case that has passenger side drops for both front and rear axles except for the atlas II...
  13. a77fj40

    For Sale  2 OEM 77 40 radiators

    One is used (last pic) and was overheating but not leaking. Probably needs to be flushed really well. The other was damaged in shipping and just needs the bottom tube rounded back out. I tried but it's not pretty. it also has a couple of dents (see pics) $100 for the pair. Prefer local pickup.
  14. a77fj40

    For Sale  Box of crap - $20

    Will ship on your dime
  15. a77fj40

    craigslist  65 swb fixed top 45 in So Cal (not mine)

    1964 FJ45 Toyota Landcruiser Seems like a good price if his claims are true. Bummer about the engine but i've got most of a 65 engine that ill give you if you come pull it.
  16. a77fj40

    eBay  Repro ambulance doors

    Not mine. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Ambulance Doors Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Ambulance Doors | eBay Did you guys know about this seller and has anyone ever bought these? I asked him how long he'd been making them and if they were to factory spec and he said: "more than 30 years biosek...
  17. a77fj40

    craigslist  Nice 78 in San Diego

    Not Mine Probably over priced (but what isn't these days) 1978 Toyota FJ 40 4x4 (44k Original Miles)
  18. a77fj40

    SOLD  PTO winch - SOLD

    Factory PTO off of a 65. Winch only. No gear box. The winch spins free and the brake works but the engagement lever is a little bent and doesn't move easily so that will need work. $500 $400 $300 OBO. Can crate and ship on your dime.
  19. a77fj40

    For Sale  65 blower and duct

    Hooked it up to power and the motor still spins. The squirrel cage is out of balance though because it vibrates a lot of you leave it running. Duct is in great shape with no cracks and all mounts still attached. $100 $75 $40 plus the ride.
  20. a77fj40

    SOLD  65 ash tray - SOLD

    complete with screws. Has some surface rust and a slight bend that shouldn't be too hard to fix. Opens and closes but needs some love to make it smooth. $20 plus the ride.
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