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  1. Torq

    For Sale  [Price Lowered] 1996 Cummins Swapped F(Z)J80

    Original thread for reference. I've had significant interest in selling some of the Overland accessories from the LC separately so I'm relisting at a cheaper price with the plan to sell the LC with everything but the crossed out items below. See the original listing for pictures, and let me...
  2. Torq

    For Sale  1996 Cummins Swapped F(Z)J80

    1996 Land Cruiser (F4BT80) - For Sale It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to sell my Cummins-swapped 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. It has taken me on two long expeditions that I’ll never forget and many camping and road trips. I’ve decided to start building up a 2017 Power Wagon for...
  3. Torq

    For Sale  2000 LC For Sale

    This listing is for a friend who is ready to part from his well-maintained 100 Series Land Cruiser (2000) in favor of a vehicle more suited to his typical daily driving. The below are based on my observations from inspections and test-drives of his Cruiser. - This 100 Series is bone-stock...
  4. Torq

    Awning Extension Mounting/Stowing and Usage

    I just got my Tepui Awning Extension and I haven't had a chance to unpack or mount it yet, but it's a little bulkier than I expected. Anybody have any pictures or videos of how they've mounted/stowed it and setup procedure and time? I plan to set it up at each camp spot for sleeping quarters...
  5. Torq

    Transmission Lock-Up Issue on 4BT swap

    [Reposting this from 80 Series Tech as this seems a more appropriate section] So, the transmission issue I mentioned my trip report last year (here) has reared its ugly head again. I’ll summarize the series of events chronologically. Following a day of driving across Oklahoma (towards Utah)...
  6. Torq

    Transmission issue with Cummins 4BT/4L80E set-up

    So, the transmission issue I mentioned my trip report last year (here) has reared its ugly head again. I’ll summarize the series of events chronologically. Following a day of driving across Oklahoma (towards Utah) with a particularly strong headwind, lock-up in the 4L80E started to get fickle...
  7. Torq

    For Sale  80 Series ARB Roof Rack

    Selling an ARB Roof rack with all required mounting hardware for an 80 series. Rack is in good shape, just wanted to replace it with a Front Runner rack. Bring a pick up or your LC and I'll help you mount it. Looking for $700 obo. PM if you want more pictures or to talk on the phone.
  8. Torq

    Canyonlands, Utah Expedition 2015 - Trip Report

    Utah Expedition 2015 Trip Report Start: Chantilly, VA 19 September [Day 01] – Drive west, stopping in Effingham, IL We departed home around 0645 and this was about as eventful as you’d expect. Some of the scenery through the mountains was nice, but what I remember the most is being...
  9. Torq

    4BT shuts off at speed

    I'm running a 4bt in a 96 Land Cruiserand yesterday it started to cut off when I was hitting 50mph+. First it loses power and becomes unresponsive to throttle increases/decreases, then the engine dies. I can drop the transmission (4L80E) to neutral and restart the engine and usually resume...
  10. Torq

    Switches for Off-Road Lights

    Are there any sources for cheap swithes that fit the unused LC 80 punch-outs in the dash board? I found some over at Cruiser Parts, but those are $30-$80. Ridiculous. Sorry for the repeat post, but the most recent I've found is from over a year ago and many of the links are broken.
  11. Torq

    Camping Fireplace

    Heading out to Canyonlands in about a month and I'm doing some back country camping. For the times that I'll be in Island in the Sky and Needles (and not BLM), the only downside is no ground fires. I was hoping to buy this mitigation from Equipt, if only for a charcoal fire for cooking, but...
  12. Torq

    Power Steering fluid color

    Pictures up front: These are pictures looking into the power steering pump resivoir of my 80. Been a while since I posted so as a reminder, my 80 is the subject/victim of a 4bt swap. I'm pretty sure my power steering pump is a cummuns part, but the steering box is Toyota. I knew that...
  13. Torq

    Introduction Thread

    Posted my intro in the 80 series registry thread here. I've had the Cruiser for about 5 months and hope to get involved with CLCC to learn more about the Cruiser and get in on some group trips and learn about some local wheeling and camping spots (there sure does seem to be dearth of...
  14. Torq

    Goofy connector on some IPF 900

    I yanked these lights off my Cruiser after I first bought it from an out of state seller because I didn't have light covers for them and thus wouldn't pass state inspection. They didn't work before I took them off, but I suspect that's due to the dysmall wiring that I've been uncovering as I...
  15. Torq

    Auxiliary Switches for '96

    Looking for some auxiliary switches to install a few sets of off-road lights. Found this one and couple others at Has anyone ever bought switches from them? Do they come with the required wiring harnesses? Also, since I'm planning on adding switches in the dash here shortly...
  16. Torq

    Storage bins for the roof and for inside the Cruiser

    When I'm not trying to work out all of the kinks of what must have been a hasty diesel swap performed right before I bought it, I'm putting together my buy list for expedition gear. I'm sorely lacking in organized storage and have been looking for a few boxes. The requirements I have are: 1...
  17. Torq

    Busted electric fan and odd part found during troubleshooting

    BLUF: The electric fan on my 4bt swapped 80 series has stopped working and in troubleshooting, I found some weird parts. Does anyone recognize the below parts? It appears to be a 2 input, one output regulator or power combiner - except that the output (blue) appeared to have been wired...
  18. Torq

    Fuel Startup/Shutdown Solenoid

    I've been having issues with the mount location for the startup/shutoff solenoid - namely, the bolts holding it seem to break and shear off. Unbeknownst to me, on my recent trip to TN the mount broke again. The solenoid was leaning away from the engine and the broken mount seemed to manifest...
  19. Torq

    Tach is "jumping"

    I just picked up a '96 that'd recently had a diesel swap done (Cummins 4bt) and the seller warned that the tach, oil pressure guage weren't working and that it was typical for that to be the case. I was ok with both, but when I finally picked it up, I noticed that the tach doesn't just sit at...
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