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    Recommendation - good paint shop in Orlando?

    If anyone has a good paint shop in Orlando they can recommend please do. I have a couple spots on my hood and front fender starting to get the Florida fade and I'd like to get it cleaned up. My dad is also looking to have his whole hood repainted on his SUV, so ideally someone good at touch up...
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    Most reliable shop in Orlando?

    Hey guys, does anyone have any recommendations for a good, reliable shop in the Orlando area who can check over my AC system? It went out back in Feb, I recharged it, and it was blowing hot air again within a couple weeks. I havent had time to mess with it so Ive only been driving the Cruiser on...
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    For Sale  (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is the bumper that came on my 1996 80 series LC. Some marks but overall in good condition. Very easy to mount a winch to it. $350 obo, located in Orlando. Here is a pic on the LC the weekend I bought it.
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    INTI rack and CB radio installed - the rig is coming together

    The first month I swapped the TJM out and put the ARB Bull Bar on and then added the 12k winch. Last week I installed the CB in the dash and threw on an INTI rack just in time for another trip to the Everglades on Saturday. 20L fuel cans up top just to make sure we could get home. Anyone...
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    SOUTH FLORIDA 80 - BBQ Time! Early Summer @ Markham Park

    SOUTH FLORIDA 80 - Sat 6/9 - 1pm at Hollywood Ale House! Continuing from the other thread trying to pick a weekend to all get together, please select the dates you would be available to meet up to meet everyone, enjoy the outdoors, and talk Cruisers. Please check all that apply so the group...
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    Harbor Freight / Badlands 12k Winch install on an 80 w/ ARB

    I posted this in the 80 section and it was recommended that it would be useful here too. I finally finished installing the HF 12k winch on my 80 with an ARB bull bar. I had some spacers (steel rectangle with two holes drilled) that were too short to line up so I had a machine shop cut them...
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    Mounted the HF 12k winch to the ARB

    Update - Mounted the HF 12k winch to the ARB - w/ control box mounted Yesterday I finally had time to mount the Harbor Freight 12k winch to the ARB. I had some spacers (steel rectangle with two holes drilled) that were too short to line up so I had a machine shop cut them in half. I added a...
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    Bear Island (FL) pics - Apr 7

    It took me almost a month since buying the LC to get a free weekend and take the 80 out for some off road fun. I packed up the wife, baby, some gear and we took a scenic drive through the Everglades and Big Cypress park to get the vehicle inspected and permits to use the trails. The weather...
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    Help Wanted  Hiring - several positons

    I hope this is okay for a new member to post, but we have several seats to fill. ScheduALL is a software company serving the media and broadcast space. We are currently looking for the following full time positions - South Florida - Project Manager, Implementation Managers, Inside...
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    Looking for advice on a 96 LC

    Hey guys, new member checking in from FL. I know this has probably been discussed but I am very short on time this morning so apologies for not doing lots of searching before posting (I have been reading all over the net the last few days). I've always been a big fan of LCs and have been...
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