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  1. Jeppers

    For Sale 2005 LX470 Black - Greensboro Ga

    It was not the dealer but a local mechanic that I also use. The engine however has been maintained by the dealer.
  2. Jeppers

    For Sale 2005 LX470 Black - Greensboro Ga

    More Pics and service history
  3. Jeppers

    For Sale  2005 LX470 Black - Greensboro Ga

    I am listing for a friend of mine, 2005 Black LX470 with 296K and no rust. Engine was replaced around 200k miles with a 125k motor (need to confirm these two miles). Used by a local real estate agent and well maintained. Timing belt and water pump replaced at 281,800 miles and it appears to have...
  4. Jeppers

    FREE  98 LC front bumper

    Put an ironman bumper on so the old one is no longer needed. Some scratches but no major damage. Giving it away as long as someone can get it by 3/5/21, after that its being trashed. Located in Greensboro Ga
  5. Jeppers

    Transmission thunk/odd shift

    Never did, i think it may he a sticking shift solenoid, but have put another 5k miles on it and it still comes and goes but hasnt gotten worse.
  6. Jeppers

    Overactive AHC 2013 LX570

    That could be, but I think I have noticed it with the cruise set at 75 but will check it this weekend, @TeCKis300 that is great info.
  7. Jeppers

    Overactive AHC 2013 LX570

    I have noticed on our 2013 LX570 with 145k that while driving on the interstate or any distance that the AHC will slowly raise then drop and go back to neutral. I seems to do this about every 10 minutes, and even does it while towing a 7,000 lb boat. I have changed the fluid and pressures were...
  8. Jeppers

    1999 LC headlight options

    Just did my 98, and it was the best upgrade I have ever done. Went with moritmoto projectors and DDM lights and ballast, took about 3-4 hours total and the lights have a better output than my 13 LX570
  9. Jeppers

    2007 SeriIes 100 Fan Clutch Nuts

    Good fresh nuts always help.
  10. Jeppers

    2007 SeriIes 100 Fan Clutch Nuts

    Also a 6 point wrench keeps them from getting stripped
  11. Jeppers

    For Sale  LX470 Misc Parts and Garage Clean Out

    Cleaning out the garage all prices plus shipping (will try and use flat rate boxes as much as possible). I will try and get these out as soon as possible but it may take a couple of days due to work schedule. I am also able to meet in or around Atlanta. PM is the best way to reach me...
  12. Jeppers

    For Sale 99 lx470 tires and wheels, Greensoro Ga

    Sending you a PM
  13. Jeppers

    For Sale 99 lx470 tires and wheels, Greensoro Ga

    Sorry guys just realized I havent checked this posting in a while. I am not willing to ship, just too much hassle. I dont make it to Chattanooga @bonestock but will be in north georgia on the 22nd and 23rd.
  14. Jeppers

    Is this a fair price?

    Both of those seem like they are priced almost double what they should be, just my opinion. Check the classifieds on mud for better deals.
  15. Jeppers

    Vibration/drone/wubwubwub @ ~60mph

    Wheel bearing, change them out and I bet it goes away
  16. Jeppers

    Clear plastic cover-slip on LX470 HVAC control LCD peeling up slightly?

    I used some clear super glue on the end of a toothpick to put a very small amount on mine
  17. Jeppers

    Help with Touchup Paint color

    Try I know one of the guys there and the color my on my lx was perfect
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