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    Safari ltd kudos

    I just wanted everyone to know that Safari ltd in Grand Junction, CO does top notch work. They just finished some major work on my wife's 97 and all I can say is they are great. Was it cheap? No, but quality seldom is. Just wanted to say thanks to Mark, Steve, and Collin. Great job guys.:cheers:
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    Safari ltd

    I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with Safari ltd in Grand Junction, CO? I'm thinking of having them do some work for me due to the fact when I talked to them they seemed to be very thurogh in giving me an estimate and what to expect. I'm currently unable to do much bending...
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    Small rant. It finally happened

    :mad: It figures. After way to much time, money, and effort the @#%$# head gasket blows. It happens when the wife drives it to Denver to pick up a friend (about 6 hr drive one way) So needless to say it's currently sitting in D.I.A. and it's D.O.A. No sign it was going. Went out 2 weekends ago...
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    Codes Codes Codes(130,133 & 171)

    I know someone out there has to had similar problems. Our 97 with 110k miles has been having problems for some time now. I've had a PO171 for a long time and have not found the source and recently PO130 & 133 have shown up as well. It has new O2 sensors(toyota), air intake tube is good and...
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    Okay, i know this has been beaten to death over the years but.... I've got a 97 with 107K miles that has a CEL with a PO171. I should mention that I live at 7000' elev. So far I've tried or have replaced recently; new plugs, wires, dist cap + rotor, new factory air filter, checking all...
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    Radiator go BOOM!

    My wife's 80 had a massive top tank explosion on Friday. I wasn't with her but her and the kids were heading out on a day trip to visit an old neighbor. They had went around 100mi and had already went over 2 passes that were around 10k ft without a problem. They were heading up Monarch pass on...
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    Adjustable Caster bushings

    Has anyone used the adjustable caster bushings Camel sells? Just wondering how hard they were to install, set, etc?
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    CDL on?

    I put a CDL(hazard) switch in my 97 this weekend but, I'm not getting any sort of dash light to indicate anything is working. Other than the possibility of a bum switch how do I find out if it's coming on? It's on jackstands right now awaiting the new tires on the freshly powder coated rims;)...
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    91-94 CDL switch

    Bought the wrong switch:rolleyes:. It's yours for $30 shipped.
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    Wanted  FZJ knuckle & passenger quarter vent

    I'm looking for a passenger side steering knuckle and quarter window vent for a 97 FZJ 80. Thanks, Doug
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    Where to buy cone washers?

    Just wondering where's the best/cheapest place to get cone washers. P.O. had chiseled:rolleyes: on the old ones and they need to be replaced
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    Wanted  Front ABS sensor

    I'm looking for a Right front ABS sensor for my 97FZJ 80. thanks, Doug
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    Front axle=BIG mess. Help!!

    Finally getting the chance to pull the center sections out of the new to us 97 for gear upgrades, ARB's, and general service. We knew the front R&P was shot when we bought it. To make a long story shorter, when I went to pull the R side ABS sensor it put up a fight and when it did finally come...
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    ARB compressor location

    I just got 2 boxes of differential stuff Tues eve(thanks Carl @ JT's:cheers:). My question to you ARB guys is, what is a good, safe place for the compressor? :hhmm:
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    Power seat control removal ?'s

    What is the easiest way to remove the passenger side power seat contol? Mine goes forward but not back (hard on long legs;)) Voltmeter reads no power to motor for reverse(back)
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    97 differential ?'s

    Ok guys, I'm a newbie to this cruiser obsession and I'm needing some help:rolleyes: My wife and I just picked up a 97 FZJ80 and we managed to toast the front ring&pinion(it was noisey and we new it was going when we bought it). Now that has to be replaced we are wanting to put selectable lockers...
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