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    SOLD  Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    ARB Summit and RLC rear bumper off my 2017 Land Cruiser 200 for sale. Both bumpers were painted by a body shop to match my silver Land Cruiser. Both have around 30,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of use. Front bumper has small paint chips shown in pictures. The rear bumper has scratches that don't...
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    SOLD  Land Cruiser 200 Spare Tire Carrier - Bought

    I need a spare tire carrier for a Land Cruiser 200. I need everything between the frame rails which is the cross-member, the cross-member brackets that connect the cross-member to the frame, and the spare carrier which is the part with the chain that raises and lowers the tire. I will pay $200...
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    Any Reputable Shops In or Near Texas?

    I have a 2017 200 I would like to modify with suspension, bumpers, gears, sliders, and probably lockers. I've decided on the following: King 2.5 suspension (will probably order from Filthy Motorsports) TJM T13 front bumper, color matched Willy beamin's rear bumper, color matched (already...
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    For Sale  5-2017 Land Cruiser 18" Wheels $500 OBO

    Set of 5 2017 Land Cruiser wheels. These were removed from my Land Cruiser at 5,000 miles and replaced with Rock Warriors. Willing to ship if buyer wants to pay shipping. Excellent condition. They were never taken offroad. Lug nuts included. $500 OBO Craigslist ad with pictures: 2017 Toyota...
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