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  1. Tenzig Norgay

    Impossible vibration

    Drive flanges, they wear like all parts and if not maintained will cause grrr
  2. Tenzig Norgay

    Control Arm Removal and Castor Cor. Bushing Install

    I used landtanks template to install my bushings. Still have it but it would take 10 days to get to you, bruddah. I thought the hardest part was reinstalling. You really have to twist the front end to get it back in...just a pain
  3. Tenzig Norgay

    Smog pump removed. New belt in. Is this OK? Smog pump for sale :)

    Wow they make kits now. Made mine myself
  4. Tenzig Norgay

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    The cruisers been down for a few weeks, new injectors, cleaned and painted the Intake chamber, totally cleaned the throttle body(port p was plugged), and installed new radiator. Just took it on a test drive
  5. Tenzig Norgay

    Front and rear driveshaft installation 1992

    The rear is in phase, I ran it the other way for a few days once to see if it would help with vibs but no catastrophic failure
  6. Tenzig Norgay

    Best Radiator for 3FE?

    Couldn't really find many options these days. I bought an Imperial radiator off amazon for $128 delivered. Its really a silla and will probably start leaking soon. The original finally started leaking, 380,000 miles and 23 years old, it will be missed.
  7. Tenzig Norgay

    Hard to start, runs ok warm, dies when hot

    Finally I've seen it again. My 4-runner had the same problem, except it would just kill here and there and wouldnt restart till later. Hooked a test light to fuel pump and saw it was being shut off, knew it was the computer shutting down the pump, replaced water temp sensor and shot in the dark...
  8. Tenzig Norgay

    Odd issue with my 91 3fe!! HELP!!!

    Leaky injectors can cause bad mileage, gas smell, and long start ups. After you turn engine off, they slowly leak, dripping gas into intake and you can smell it. No pressure in fuel rail on start ups and cold start injector doesn't shoot it like its supposed to. Bad milage cause they never...
  9. Tenzig Norgay

    6mpg from a 3fe!!! What gives!!!!

    It doesn't matter the octane, just no ethane bro.
  10. Tenzig Norgay

    Stranded.. Engine starts up then dies

    Possible sensor going bad and telling fuel pump to shut off
  11. Tenzig Norgay

    thermostat temp

    Muratic acid cleans the heater cores out real nice, did mine like ten years ago. You can also back flush the heater cores all by themselves by disconnecting the inlet and outlet hoses.
  12. Tenzig Norgay

    3FE power steering pump - I need help now!

    pump...copper washer....pressure line....copper washer.....bolt
  13. Tenzig Norgay

    Drive train whine

    Found the pic but can't give you the link. Search worn drive flange=birf soup. The pic is in that. The old flange was rounded at every corner. Since the fix, no birf soup and I'm at 348 now.
  14. Tenzig Norgay

    Drive train whine

    It only made the noise when I was on the pedal. At first I only noticed it at about 50, but even at 20 it was there, just not as loud. I rebuilt the front, checked the bearings both sides like 8 Times. Think I even took pics of the worn flange as compared to the new one and posted them here...
  15. Tenzig Norgay

    Drive train whine

    I had hella noise like this. After much work and numerous tear downs, found out it was the drive flanges. Old, many miles on them, howled. Exact same symptoms. Drive flanges
  16. Tenzig Norgay

    How to keep fridge running for 3 weeks?

    Rice and beans bra
  17. Tenzig Norgay

    Bypass / Replace Oil Cooler?

    There are two coolant hoses going to the oil cooler. I would imagine you would disconnect those and tie them together. However, if my oil cooler was toast, i would put a new one back in.
  18. Tenzig Norgay

    how does this dyno chart stackup

    sorry to break it down to you, but that dyno chart is way weak sauce, get back to me in another 100,000 miles. It will probably be the same
  19. Tenzig Norgay

    New Anti Heep Decal

    I just keep it simple
  20. Tenzig Norgay

    How Many Bananas to install 3fe Radiator

    I feel obligated to mention i have 348,000 miles on my radiator, and if it goes in the next 6 months i blame it all on you. Is yours leaking or something? I'm not changing mine till it blows, and I'll brag about every chance I get. Oh yeah, it only sees green.
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