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  1. Stachecki

    ATF drain plug and washer part number???

    I'm draining my ATF by letting the 2.5quarts or so out through the drain plug at the bottom of the pan. I am trying to find the correct washer to put on. I searched the forum, but couldn't find a part number. I probably missed it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Stachecki

    Interior face lift; cleaning up the cruiser!

    First off thanks everyone for a great forum with loads of tips! :clap: A few years back I was looking at the new cruisers out there and the only major difference between the 2016-19 and my 2003 was that the interior was new and upgraded. Didnt want to spend $90k on an interior as mine had only...
  3. Stachecki

    Transfer case washer?

    I just drained and filled my transfer case, but used a crush washer 12157-10010, and not an aluminum. Is this OK? Or do I have to do it all over?
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