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  1. Dwight S

    Wanted  RDU -NC. 100 Series Front Bumper and impact bar

    Looking to see if anyone local to Raleigh NC has a front bumper and impact bar for a 100 series Cruiser in their way that they’re looking to get rid of. Would really like to find a Riverrock Green, but I’ll take what I can find. prefer local sale (150 mile radius) as I don’t want the shipping...
  2. Dwight S

    2006 4Runner - 17" TRD wheels - Tire ?

    Gang, Please forgive me... i'm sure it's been asked 100's of times, but I'll ask again since I've been away a few months and the Advance Search seems to have changed into something less friendly... My son is getting his mom's 2006 4Runner Limited and we're going to dress it up a little. We...
  3. Dwight S

    Brake Booster Pump vehicle cross reference inquiry

    I had the dreaded ABS/Brake/warning buzzer this morning. I know I can order parts through Ebay, but I was really hoping to find the part locally so I can get back on the road. Does anyone know of which Toyota vehicles used this same part number? 47070-60010. Thanks in advance!
  4. Dwight S

    2006 4Runner V6 radiator hose clamps

    I'm usually over in the 100 Forum, but my wife and I also own a 2006 4Runner Limited V6. I noticed a coolant smell the other day and found the lower radiator hose leaking at the thermostat housing. The truck has Carquest/Dayco universal fit hoses that have been trimmed to fit & worm drive...
  5. Dwight S

    Front mud flaps - need confirmation

    I took off the running boards and am about to order the front flaps. I believe I have the mounting brackets already installed with a mounting screw. Can anyone with the front flaps confirm by the picture?
  6. Dwight S

    Riverrock Green with black bumpers?

    Looking for a little guidance, nudge or a simple don’t do it. I’ve got a Riverrock Green LC that has some clearcoat failure on the front and rear bumpers and some chipped paint/faded trim on the side moldings. I’ve been contemplating painting the bumper covers and moldings black, similar to...
  7. Dwight S

    Subwoofer enclosure fitment question

    I have a 1998 with the two 4” woofer enclosure. I am looking to see if the later model enclosure with the single 6.5” woofer will fit in my truck? I know the sound isn’t ideal with these type subs, but I really don’t want a large sub box sitting back there, at least not right now. I will...
  8. Dwight S

    Dash lights out

    I had a strange one tonight. I leave the headlights in the on position all the time. When I start the truck, the lights turn on. Tonight, I got into the truck and cranked it. No dash lights. Center stack clock, radio, AC lights were "daytime" bright. I turned off the headlights and turned...
  9. Dwight S

    Running Board question

    I know most would answer with remove them, but right now it just isn’t in the cards. One thing that has bugged me for some time now is the exposed metal on the rear portion of my running boards. The front caps seem to be correct.... My question is; if anyone knows if the running boards...
  10. Dwight S

    Cold hesitation

    I did a search but nothing came up that matched my symptoms. The other morning I cranked my truck and let it warm up for a few minutes and then left for work. Within a 1/4 mile I stopped at a light and then started moving. I noticed a slight stutter/hesitation from off idle to around 20 mph...
  11. Dwight S

    Stereo question - Toyota parts interchange...

    Does anyone know if a Toyota 6-disc Stereo receiver from a 2002 Toyota Highlander will plug & play in a 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser? Thanks for any help you can offer. While I'd love to have a new head unit, I'll have to stick with stock Toyota for a while longer and I this would be a slightly...
  12. Dwight S

    Headlight assemblies

    I walked out to my 98 Cruiser at lunch and found a rock chipped driver's side headlight assembly. Looked briefly online but all I saw was a $200+ replacement and a couple on fee-bay with broken tabs. Any other options you fine folks would recommend? Thanks for the help!
  13. Dwight S

    Wanted  80 or 100 Series...

    Hi folks. New guy here in central NC. I'm looking for a good Land Cruiser at a reasonable price. Would prefer one with air bags, etc since I'll be hauling the family mostly. Lockers are prefered. If anyone has a lead on one or sees one in passing, please let me know. I was negotiating on a...
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