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  1. nitteo

    Extended BumpStops...

    they will mitigate the force, but it will still "rub" depending on how hard you ride.
  2. nitteo

    GoldieHahn Build thread

    Beautiful GSD! I grew up with GSDs, Malinois and Rottweilers.
  3. nitteo

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    installed my custom rear bumper over the weekend
  4. nitteo

    Scary swerving issue 2001 lx470

    yes, i was just recording at my neighborhood on a safe speed... but when it happened to me on a highway ramp at 65mph banked turn to merge into traffic, it came close to killing me. its like someone yanked the wheel. i almost sold the LC before finding the VSC off thread.
  5. nitteo

    04 GX470 left me stranded. Code P2714 no gears engage when shifting.

    code P2714, the transmission was strange from 1-2, 2-3, seems like it would rev higher than normal before the xmas lights came on and the car left me stranded on the road. questions: -seems like i need a new transmission, if so can any year 03-09 used transmission from ebay fit on my 2004...
  6. nitteo

    Scary swerving issue 2001 lx470

    like this?
  7. nitteo

    ASFIR Skid plates and front bumper

    gives access to the oil filter at least
  8. nitteo

    Immobilizer Fix (Different Approach)

    yeah, my first thought was you were just turning off the light/ indicator and not bypassing the immobilizer like @medtro does.
  9. nitteo

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    i was mostly on the KAT and the highlight of my trip was doing the Hard 11 Trail. man that was alot of hard fun wheeling. the portion of the DBBB was by RRG and it was ok. We spent a night at that area where the KAT and DBBB connect,
  10. nitteo

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    did a portion of the KAT and DBBB over the weekend. Man what a trip! cant wait to go back. Hard 11 Rock Table section
  11. nitteo

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    me and frank represented the 100s on our FLCA meet this past weekend.
  12. nitteo

    Power and start in 2nd gear buttons?

    power = higher shift points in the revs 2nd start = starts you off in 2nd gear instead of 1st.. lets say in a snowy situation too much torque on first will make you spin, softer slower 2nd will just feather you off the spot.
  13. nitteo

    TJM T17 Bumper is coming Back!

    ive been waiting on my winch plate for months.
  14. nitteo

    DO 275/70r18 on 460 Fsport wheels fit on a stock 470?

    I just added an 04 470 to my garage and I have looked everywhere and cant find info. I have spare 275/70r18s from my LC 100 Tundra Wheels...I have a chance to buy gx460 18 FSport wheels 20mm offset to take advantage of that for the 470. would this combo fit on a stock 470? thanks
  15. nitteo

    100's with aftermarket wheels?

    315x70 i believe,
  16. nitteo

    ASFIR Skid plates and front bumper

    i need to source a longer bolt...the last bolt wont latch because the plate is "warped" yes ive tried loosening everything first
  17. nitteo

    17’s with negative offsets. anyone got pics?

    that looks good already, you dont need to change it. i have 17x8.5 zero offset methods with my 35s.
  18. nitteo

    100 series rare colors...

    Cement Grey
  19. nitteo

    100-series vs 4runner Trail

    I almost sold my 100 to get a 5th Gen 4R or a 460. I wanted more modern ride as my daily, but I decided to keep my Audi as my daily and my 100 is just now a dedicated campout rig.
  20. nitteo

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    yes they are, and are "waterproof" so if needed i can move some to the roof rack also, i can have different boxes ready to go for different camp outs. i just switch boxes and do inventory when i have to. its a much more organized and modular system for me. and this way i can configure in...
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