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  1. eightydeucer

    craigslist  Texas: 1983 FJ60

    Here's a link to a local FJ60.
  2. eightydeucer

    craigslist  Killeen, Texas 1983 FJ60

    $14K OBO
  3. eightydeucer

    For Sale  2F radiator fan, clutch and water pump.

    Came out of a 1983 fj60 in good working condition. $150.00 OBO plus shipping. Thanks!
  4. eightydeucer

    For Sale  2F radiator cooling fan, clutch and water pump assembly

    Came out of a 1983 fj60. Fully operational when removed. No known issues. Asking $150.00 for everything OBO plus the cost of shipping. Thanks!
  5. eightydeucer

    For Sale  Fj60 instrument cluster

    Not damaged and in working order. $100.00 OBO. Thanks.
  6. eightydeucer

    For Sale  Toyota zipper Canvas Tool Bag w/tools

    Original canvas zipper tool bag. Some of the original tools, missing a few. Good overall condition. $100.00 OBO plus shipping.
  7. eightydeucer

    For Sale  2F valve cover.

    Good condition, no cap. $75.00. Thanks.
  8. eightydeucer

    Parting Out  Leftover FJ60/2F parts

    If you see anything you may want send me a PM with an offer. Will gladly mail out. Thanks. Additionally I have a 2F valve cover, Fj60 instrument cluster and a 2F distributer boot. Thanks again.
  9. eightydeucer

    craigslist  Bin full of Fj60 parts leftover from rebuild.

    Hello all, I'm linking to my CL ad. Like the title states I'm selling a huge bin full of parts and a transmission/transfer case that was in perfect working condition when removed quite a while ago from a 1983 Fj60 rebuild. All parts have been inside my garage in the bin ever since. I don't...
  10. eightydeucer

    Can anyone identify this part manufacturer?

    My de-smogged fj60s eliminator pulley/bracket is totally destroyed. I would like to replace using the same style but don't know where to locate one? I know there are many other options out there, but I would like to stick with this style if possible. Anyone know who made/makes this part?? Or any...
  11. eightydeucer

    100 dollar awning

    Just got this "king camp" awning to use in Big Bend next week. Overall it's pretty nice, I'm happy with it and it sets up easy as could be. Lots of shade and packs up pretty small. Not a bad deal overall!
  12. eightydeucer

    Wanted  FJ60 throttle linkage

    I'm looking for either the entire assembly or just the rod specifically. If you have it please let me know! Thank you! I'm specifically looking for part number 78104 in the image. Thanks again.
  13. eightydeucer

    For Sale  FJ60 Grills and Headlight Bezles Carb, other MISC parts

    Stock FJ60 Headlight Bezels 2 sets $75.00 Per set FJ60 Grill- 2 sets. One Set missing Toyota emblem. $100.00 for missing emblem grille, $135.00 for Grill with emblem. I've also got a stock Asin Carb for the 2F- 180.00 OBO needs rebuild. Stock FJ60 Transmission and X-fer Case Best offer. Fj60...
  14. eightydeucer

    For Sale  FJ60 H41 4spd transmission/transfer case

    I have a non-rebuilt separated H42 and transfer case in working order with approximately 156K on each. Never rebuilt, just taken apart from each other and has been sitting ever since. It's time to let them go! They have just been sitting in my garage for a few years now. I'm asking $400.00 For...
  15. eightydeucer

    For Sale  FJ60 trim pieces/ shifting parts and some other things

    Cleaning out my garage these parts need a good home. I'm asking best reasonable price for all of these. But as rules ask I'm looking for 200.00 OBO for the grill, emblems and bezels, 40.00 for the switch cluster, 100.00 for all the shifting,break and what not pile and 20.00 for the washer...
  16. eightydeucer

    For Sale  1987 Fj60 Texas

    Hi there, i'm looking to sell my 1987 Fj60 it has around 311k and going up due to it being my daily. The good: Brand New OME 3'' Heavy suspension (the pictures reflect the old suspension) Runs great, engine rebuilt within the last 4 years (i've only owned it for two so i'm not sure anything...
  17. eightydeucer

    Military Spec FJ40

    I'm going to check out a 76 "Canadian Military FJ40" tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has ran across these? it's the OD green all around, military front bumper and rear with jerry can holder on the ambulance door. It's decent looking from what I can tell. My question is has anyone ran...
  18. eightydeucer

    Wanted  Fj60 steering assembly/wiring

    I've some issues/broken components with my current assembly. Steering wheel is not needed just the actual assembly the wheel attaches to. Including the turn indicator and wiper lever and harness. If it has ignition or not does not matter all I need is a functional unit thanks.
  19. eightydeucer

    3B-Turbo differential gearing with stock 4 speed transmission.

    So the title is pretty understandable I think. I bought an 85 60 with a 3BT installed and as far as I can tell stock differential gearing. I love driving it around town, but on the highway it's rough. Plus the MPG's aren't great at all i'm talking 13-15 MPG's. Trust me I know, I haven't bought...
  20. eightydeucer

    For Sale  Feeler: 1980's FJ40

    This is upon request from an older friend of mine who has this sitting on his property. He sent me three pictures. I don't know a whole lot about 40's. It has around 60k something on the ODO. It appears solid. He told me he parked it in the 90's and it hasn't moved since. It doesn't start now...
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