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  1. Chris8760

    For Sale  FJ/BJ60 OEM mud flaps for OEM flares

    I bought this set of rear mud flaps by mistake for my '87 FJ60... They're for 60's with OEM flares as pictured below. My mistake is your gain!... $120 plus shipping. Chris
  2. Chris8760

    OEM FJ60 mud flaps on eBay... what did I buy?

    I should have known better considering FJ60 mud flaps are NLA and unobtanium... but the description and seller seemed legit. Short story- they don't fit an FJ60 and I can't Google my way to finding out what they belong to (PN 76608-90A01). I thought maybe an FJ70? As soon as I know I'll be...
  3. Chris8760

    Body repairs at the factory?

    My 60 is (I believe) all original paint and I have every shred of paperwork going back to the salesman's business card at Penn Toyota on Long Island.... No indication of any body work or paint. The passenger rear quarter panel appears to have an ever so slightly different finish than the rest...
  4. Chris8760

    Carpet replacement

    I'm about to start down this road... one part I can't seem to find is the screws for the door sill scuff plates. I can probably find something at HD easy enough, but is there an OEM version available anyone is aware of?
  5. Chris8760

    For Sale  1987 Toyota Trucks owners manual

    I bought this a couple of years ago when I was searching for a 1987 Land Cruiser owners manual.... which I finally found. It's in great condition. These aren't nearly as rare as the Land Cruiser manuals, but much of the info is the same. $20 via PayPal and I'll put it in the mail. It's in...
  6. Chris8760

    For Sale  1976 FJ40 **Atlanta, GA**

    1976 FJ40 It's time to pass the 40 on to the next owner, hopefully a Mud member who will use it more often and has more room than I do! I have 4 kids, two other hobby cars, a two car garage, and something has to go. I've had a ton of fun with this truck. I bought it off of CL in Suwannee, GA...
  7. Chris8760

    For Sale  FJ40 Bushwacker flares

    Brand new set of Bushwacker fender flares for an FJ40. I have the weatherstripping and fasteners. Never cut or trimmed. Bought these a couple of years ago and decided against installing them. Only thing missing is the box they shipped in. They're online new for $230. $150 plus shipping. Chris
  8. Chris8760

    Frozen door hinge pins

    I had the bright idea of removing the top on the 40 today... looking forward to some great fall drives in the open air before winter sets in. Anyway all went pretty quick and smooth with the exception of the door pins. I've never had the doors off and don't think they've been off for quite...
  9. Chris8760

    For Sale  2001 Porsche Boxster S: 24,700 miles/meticulously maintained/$22,000

    eBay link: Forum link: CL link...
  10. Chris8760

    For Sale  FJ60 side view mirrors

    Two new OEM driver side mirrors from SOR... $60 each. Plus shipping. One used passenger side mirror, close to perfect... $25. Plus shipping. (SOLD) PM or reply to thread if interested. Thanks! Chris
  11. Chris8760

    For Sale  Touch Up Paint - Olive Brown?

    I recently bought this touch up paint bottle and pen from DrColorChip (I've used their products on all my cars and have been very happy with them) - it seemed close to the olive color of my 40 but it is more brown than I thought. It is Toyota color 423. I googled a photo and found the car...
  12. Chris8760

    Wanted  '76 tire carrier latch/catch

    Looking for replacements for numbers 4 and 5 from the diagram below:
  13. Chris8760

    Hardtop mystery...

    Any ideas what this may have been used for? It's plastic, about 2 inches across, says made in USA- it's right in the middle of the top. Whatever it is, a PO drilled right through to the other side. Maybe they were just plugging a hole?? It won't budge... I'm afraid to wrench on it too much, I...
  14. Chris8760

    Full length lower dash pad

    Have been searching around, but these must be hard to come by... A PO unfortunately hacked the radio slot pretty badly. I have no plans for a radio, so a full length lower dash pad seemed ideal... This is a 1976. Anyone have a link to this part? Or any other creative ideas?
  15. Chris8760

    For Sale  Tire carrier parts

  16. Chris8760

    For Sale  Set of 4 FJ60/62 chrome wheels

    These are coming off of my recently acquired FJ40. They're in great shape- they have cleaned/polished up well. Sitting on Wildcat (?) radials that have good tread but show some cracking. $400 for set, open to offers.
  17. Chris8760

    Officially addicted... my FJ40 story begins

    This all started about a year ago when I began searching for a 40 or 60. I ended up buying a well cared for 60 and it's an incredible truck. It fits the entire family- all 4 kids and the dog. I think the night I brought home the 60 I was back online searching for a 40. I was addicted from the...
  18. Chris8760

    FJ60 center console - grey

    Replaced this original console with a Tuffy- this is in great shape, came out of a well cared for 87 with 140k miles. Comes with original mounting screws and cut-to-fit rubber inserts. $30 plus any shipping. Located in Atlanta. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks for looking. Chris
  19. Chris8760

    9k mile 62
  20. Chris8760

    1987 FJ60 Build in GA

    So I posted in the FJ60 register thread last month. Finally making some progress. The truck has been in the good hands of the crew at ACC Toyota here in Atlanta. Will have plenty more photos to share- below is the desmog on the 2F, with all new belts, hoses, and they've managed to powder coat...
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