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  1. Megadoomer

    Happy St. Patrick's Day🍀

    I don't know what this day is or why it is celebrated, but if it is your gig than make it the best you can. This actually marks the last day I was able to walk into my office without a mask or temperature check. Weird year and weird anniversary.
  2. Megadoomer

    SOLD  Early driver tail light body piece

    I am looking for a decent tail light section to replace my beat up area. See the area I am looking for.
  3. Megadoomer

    Merry Christmas to the Sty

    Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas.
  4. Megadoomer

    Funny FJ40 Ad

    72 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Bandito) 72 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Bandito) - $11 (23rd and Broadway) hide this posting image 1 of 2 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser fj40 cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas paint color: black title status: clean transmission: manual type: SUV...
  5. Megadoomer

    New exhaust. Rubber or steel hangers?

    I have designed my new exhaust but I'm stuck on how to mount it. Is solid bolt on better than hanging with rubber in off road applications. I have solid motor mounts and the engine doesn't move much when i stomp the skinny pedal. What say ye? or is there some awesome cheap application i haven't...
  6. Megadoomer

    Anyone need 7/70 gas tank before I smite it?

    Trying to pull my gas tank. Plan on having a long range or custom put in. I haven't inspected the inside but there is no rust outside and fuel drained out clean. I have some custom parts that are inhibiting a clean extraction so I might cut the evil thing in half. I don't want to do that if...
  7. Megadoomer

    Fuel tank options?

    I currently have a stock tank with some weird PO fuel lines and vapor lines. I have been finding balls of rubber in my line and it has been starving the engine. I thought I fixed it but it happened again. I can't diagnose the issue because I have a Rollercoaster of rubber and steel lines...
  8. Megadoomer

    A reasonable body work in socal?

    I took the doomer to the store this evening and I was stopped by a lady. I'm always a target for the "hey can I get a jump?" But she tells me that she has a 71 FJ55 at her parents house and it needs some body work. She had it mechanically restored but was wondering about a place or person that...
  9. Megadoomer

    Tundra 5.7 in a pig?

    Anyone try this or know why it hasn't been done? There so many tundras now that wrecked ones are getting plentiful. I have 6 5.7 Tundras at my work with 100k plus milage and they still run great. I currently have chevy gear and would like to at least go back to toyota and the whole running...
  10. Megadoomer


    We got a good rain the last 2 days in San Diego and my kids were itching to get dirty. All my little spots close by are either developed or blocked off. So disappointing these days. I ended up doing some quick donuts in a restricted area and bounced b4 my kids had their first run in with the law.
  11. Megadoomer

    Tranny/transfer gear options

    So I have been thinking about gear options. I think I want a little more crawl. Currently I have 700r4 np205 and 4.11s. If everything is stock I have a crawl ratio of 24.9:1. So I see the option of using a doubler like a np203, or a strong box type. I would need to move the cross member and...
  12. Megadoomer

    help buying an 80

    So I might be getting an office promotion which means I will have to give up my work truck and get my own reliable wheels. It has been a decade or so since I had to commute to work under my own financial means and all I have is a fairly built fj55 to drive right now. Work is less than 30 miles...
  13. Megadoomer

    hi steer question

    A guy is selling a used 4x4labs frombe hi steer setup for the small pattern knuckles on a fj40. This should fit my 55 right? I expect the drag link will need to be adjusted but the tie rod should fit. I was going to go large pattern but the parts list started getting out of control and for the...
  14. Megadoomer

    55 project on craigs Not the owner, just wish I was closer.
  15. Megadoomer

    This HJ47 owner on MUD?

    I saw this nice beast southbound on I5 just south of 152 today. I just wish is was in my 55 so to warrent my extreme rubber-necking.
  16. Megadoomer

    sweet ride in seatle Even with pinion problem, its a steal.
  17. Megadoomer

    Builds  Megadoomer Build

    I wanted to start this build cuz I have a a lot of questions and I dont want to hijack other peoples threads. I put a rundown in the regestry but here goes. 1970 Chevyota FJ55. It has a 70's 350 SBC with camel hump heads. Not sure on the insides but it has a good amount of pull. Its matted to a...
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