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    FJ-43 Hoop Step Installation

    Sorry for the delay in getting back, thanks for your help, this is great! I'm not skilled enough to handle this, but there is a small metal fabricating shop near the house. I'm sure they'll be able to replicate your work. Hopefully our State/ Country gets back to some normalcy so we can all...
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    1980 FJ40 Loop Steps

    That would make the most sense, keep everything uniform, I hate losing the running boards though...
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    1980 FJ40 Loop Steps

    Can anyone recommend some loop steps for my 4" lifted 80 FJ 40? My FJ currently has the running boards in place, i would need a loop step on each side mounted about mid door to help get into it. If someone has done this, some pics would be helpful, plus your recommendation on which work best. Thanks
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    Wanted  FJ 60/62 Power steering gear box / Pitman arm / Drag link passenger side.

    In need of 60/62 Power steering gear box / Pitman arm / Drag link, products need to be shipped to Arcadia Florida 34269, pic(s) if possible, ready to purchase asap.
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    Wanted  Arcadia Florida

    Need a 1985 thru 1990 FJ60/62 Power Steering Gear Box with Pitman Arm and Drag link for passenger side. Ready to make purchase if in good shape, will need pic(s) before purchase.
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    Parting Out Parting out 60 series HJ60 BJ60 parts in Ontario

    Hello, Would you have a FJ60 or similiar Power Steering Box, Pitman arm and Drag link that goes to the passenger side? I would need pics to send to my mechanic, if in good shape, we will work with Pay Pal and shipping to Arcadia Florida 34269
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    Wanted  In Search Of

    Wanted: 85-90 FJ60 Power Steering Box, Pitman Arm and Drag Link
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    Wanted Metro Cruisers 1980 FJ40

    Is the Tire Rack on the passenger side? ( Hopefully ), do you have all the hardware also?
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    Wanted Metro Cruisers 1980 FJ40

    Touch base with me on the Tire rack/carrier to firm things up, also looking for a front bumper
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    Wanted Metro Cruisers 1980 FJ40

    Hello, Spoke with my fabricator, that sounds good, we won’t be able to receive product until after July 29th, he’s on vaca, he asked if you had a front end low profile bull with winch, maybe a package deal? I’m not sure how to discuss this further off the forum?
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    Wanted Metro Cruisers 1980 FJ40

    Thanks for getting back ( it's really nice! ), I'll check with my fabricator to see if it works with-in the budget.
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    Wanted  Metro Cruisers 1980 FJ40

    I am looking for a rear bumper swing out spare tire rack with or without a cooler/ can holder for a 1980 FJ40 restore
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