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  1. Bax454

    Clock Spring on fj80 w/ airbag

    Hmm, I think I have this noise and have often wondered about it. No air bags for me though, so I'll need to do some searching...
  2. Bax454

    Write-up: Toss the LSPV and install a manual proportioning valve

    I may have stated this a couple of years ago.. If you don't know what it is to drive without ABS, then perhaps think about the delete of ABS LSPV, otherwise it is the absolute best thing I have ever done as a mod. It was fun just yesterday, meeting up with my club, as a laugh, I was on the...
  3. Bax454

    Events/Trails Cruising the woods

    @45Kevin Kevin, it was great to meet you (again?) I have a few pictures of the 45 I will try to get to you. That Land Cruiser really impressed me. Thank you for attending and adding to all the fun times. - Tyler
  4. Bax454

    Events/Trails Cruising the woods

    @brosky It was great to meet and wheel with you sir! -Tyler
  5. Bax454

    For Sale 40, 50, 60, and 80 series FSM for a hell of a price.

    @Trollhole Thank you!!!!
  6. Bax454

    Cruisin' The Woods 2018

    I am quite excited for CTW2018! I will not make it up until Friday evening... new job, can't take any vacation time off quite yet... See all you Cascade Cruiser folks and guests soon!
  7. Bax454

    Wanted 95-97 1FZ-FE engine used, rebuilt, new? :) reasonably priced

    I have a running, still in the rig, 1FZ-FE in Oregon. Not pulled yet, but that is the plan. I can get some video of it at least for you. nosguy at gmail . com. Let's talk and shoot me an offer.
  8. Bax454

    Wanted Looking for lx450 Driver Side Headlight

    @Dustin Messina I have a drivers side FZJ80 headlight 1995, should be the same.. However I need to take a look at it and confirm it is in good condition. That and find where I put it :) nosguy at gmail dot com
  9. Bax454

    Write-up: Toss the LSPV and install a manual proportioning valve

    I could not even get my 80 to activate the ABS on a gravel road. So in my case this is much safer than the legal ramifications. Make your own decision - this thread is only for the Tech part of it. Also learn to drive without ABS and learn how to panic brake properly.
  10. Bax454

    How expensive is the 80 to drive?

    LOL, the worst MPG is better than my best.
  11. Bax454

    Disapearing Power Steering Fluid :)

    Having an issue finding all the parts locally (today/tomorrow), so I have access to my fathers 1996 LX450. Thinking about tearing the pump out of it and then rebuild mine. lol
  12. Bax454

    Disapearing Power Steering Fluid :)

    Thanks All! I am going to cancel my snow run Monday and just start tearing it down. First time this thing as really failed me, well sort of, I been driving it all around still, just not going to make a trek into the deeper woods, knowing I have 3+ qts of ATF in there now.
  13. Bax454

    Disapearing Power Steering Fluid :)

    Thanks! Could you provide the part number? If I was in a major hurry and wanted to just replace the failed seal that is allowing fluid into the crankcase, which one is it? (It looks like I need to strip the pump nearly all the way down to get to the seal, however, not sure which one yet. This...
  14. Bax454

    Disapearing Power Steering Fluid :)

    Crap, I was hoping in a way to NOT find this answer to the disappearing PS fluid mystery.. Wondered why my low oil light went out :) I'll try to re-read this to better understand the problem, but I may have questions for what the fix is. (Example, will the rebuild kit resolve this or are new...
  15. Bax454

    Non-welding interior tire storage option

    I think I understand how it is mounted, but assure you are not reliant and the PVC act as support. Imagine an accident. Will the straps hold it in place, w/o the PVC, for the most part? PVC makes great shrapnel; would not want to hurt those leather seats (or your epidermis).
  16. Bax454

    Q78 Swamper Road Manners....How Bad?

    Love my Q78-LT16's on my 80 series. There are sacrifices, but I feel they drive just fine down the road. Just remember what the tire really is. BIAS, Luggy, Heavy. I have made the mistake of not airing back up when warm (aired up in the AM and hit the pavement) and had the stone-age flat spot...
  17. Bax454

    El Duderino's 1994 FZJ80 - The Crusher

    What, are you a fking park ranger now?
  18. Bax454

    McGrew Campout 2016

    Thank you all for another very enjoyable McGrew Campout! I REALLY enjoy the people (you all) these adventures provide. It was great to run the trail again. It was a pleasure to meet new people and great to again see those I have met in the past. Lessons Learned: (1) Don't set up tent in the...
  19. Bax454

    For Sale Parting out complete 1fzfe engine, trans, t-case (NM)

    What year 1FZFE? (Looking for a 95+ straight heater/collant line, top of exhaust manifolds/heat plate.
  20. Bax454

    For Sale FJ80 Driveshafts, Sway Bars,Tie Rod, Relay Rod, Drag Link, etc.

    Price of 1993-1994 Rear Driveshaft shipped to 97338 (Oregon) ?
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