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  1. Angelo

    unique pairing.

    Hi. I'm a 45 owner but my Frankenstein has a unique drive train. I have a 2F paired with a 5 speed H55f. According to the write ups I could find, this pairing was only offered on the 83 and up FJ60's and 62's, and then only in the models offered in Australia and Japan,,,, with a few coming out...
  2. Angelo

    Wanted  64811-90332 rear cab window

    Hi. I'm looking for a back window for my 45, 64811-90336 which is discontinued and was preseeded by 64811-90332, which is also discontinued. I found and ordered a 64811-90332 from but I just found out they canceled my order without notifying me. I figure they don't have it even...
  3. Angelo

    FJ45 question.

    Hello. I am under the impression that most body panels are interchangeable from year to year, between 66 and 84. Is there any reason to think this would not hold true for the upper cab panel for the FJ45?
  4. Angelo

    I overlooked one small detail (windshield)

    I'm still having a hard time nailing down the year of the different parts use restoring the FJ I bought and, it would seem, what I didn't know when I bought it keeps coming back to haunt me. I was under the impression my windshield was from a 76 so I purchased a replacement one for a 1/'75 to...
  5. Angelo

    Cab Roof Questions

    I have moved this thread from the 40-& 55-Series Tech forum I'm trying to find out what I have here. This roof is all steel. The ribs are covered by cardboard and then foam for the lining. The cab is a FJ45 with a long bed, the roof year is anyone's guess. I'm trying to figure out if I'm...
  6. Angelo

    45 Cab Roof Questions

    I'm trying to find out what I have here . Is this a one piece roof, aftermarket or something different? Diagrams of cab roofs I've seen don't have the mounting rail around three sides like mine. Having just used a heat gun on the, glued, windshield guard to separate it from the rest of the roof...
  7. Angelo

    Wanted  wiper motor

    Hi. I'm looking to replace the wiper motor on my 66 FJ45. While my vin is from 66 the windshield is 75-77 most that I can find on line have a 4 bolt mounting pattern. Mine has a 3 bolt pattern, 5/8"s apart. The numbers on mine are 85120-90310, which was later replaced with 85120-90804. However...
  8. Angelo

    Something about my 45's door hinges

    Hi. On my door hinges, where the hinge sticks out of the cowl, there is a rubber seal/gasket that sits around the hinge and seats into the rest of the opening. What is this seal/gasket called and how do I replace them? Regards. Angelo
  9. Angelo

    SOLD  40 series right side fender (pick up only)

    I have a right side 40 series fender that needs metal work but is largely intact. I have ground off most of the rust, and fill that covered it, then sprayed it with self etching primer. I live on long island in NY. PM me if you want it. $50 pick up only.
  10. Angelo

    Wanted  FJ45 upper cab panel

    8 years after buying a frame up restore I find rust breaking through body fill and separating panels. The body fill on my bed is spiderwebing and separating and I am getting rust bleed from joints and from under body filled repairs. My upper cab panel is rotted and I can not finish without...
  11. Angelo

    This should be my worst problem.

    Hi. Some years ago I replaced my original gas tank. I transplanted the sending unit and when it was all back together I found my gauge would only go as high as half when my tank was full and it would stay there till the level dropped to half and then it would work properly all the way to empty...
  12. Angelo

    For Sale  Pre 77 40/45 Windshield Frame (pick up only)

    Hi, I started out with the goal of attending to some rust that was surfacing on my windshield frame. After sandblasting I found that under the paint was a layer of bondo from a previous repair and it was rotted through is some spots. I can't do the metal work myself and the cost for having a...
  13. Angelo

    Rear year?

    I need to figure out what year rear I have in my 66 FJ45. I picked up cylinder rebuilding kits for a 66 and the seals are too big. Is there a way to tell?
  14. Angelo


    I have gear oil dripping from my E-break at the back of my H55f Transmission. First thought is rear seal. Second thought it where would I get one?
  15. Angelo


    The dipstick for my 2f engine broke and I am trying to find a new one. It is married to an H55 tranny so it might have come out of a 70's fj60, if that matters. The part number on it is 15301-16010. I have ordered it several times only to get cancellations letter stating it is discontinued. The...
  16. Angelo

    Teflon locking nuts or nuts & lock-washers on OME greaseble shackle pins?

    Which is better? About a year ago I replaced my shackle bushings. I put everything back together tight but last week I lost the back end nut to one of my shackle pins. Upon further inspection, during the repair, I found the back end nuts on all the shackle pins were loose. So now I'm wondering...
  17. Angelo

    ID'ing transfer case.

    Hi everyone. My 66 FJ45 is having transfer case problems, getting in and out of 4 low and 2wheel drive. I'm trying to find out what transfer case I have in it so I can look up schematics or get parts. The engine and tranny were upgraded before I got it and the guy who made it is not available...
  18. Angelo

    1970-76 F-2F round motor mounts

    Hi. I need to replace 1970-76 F-2F round motor mounts. they use a stud on one side and a bolt on the other. Anyone know where I can get them? Regards.
  19. Angelo

    Break trouble

    Recently I snapped off the bleeder valve on one of my JF45's front calipers housings and have not been able to extract it. I tried using an 'easy out' set but that didn't work. the part of the bleeder that is sticking out of the base has begun to split. Any idea's? I'm thinking I might have to...
  20. Angelo

    Muffler ?

    Hi. I need a new muffler and the one I took off isn't giving up anything. It's a custom job and the guys who built it aren't around for info anymore. I have a 2F engine that I am told was bored out. cylinder compression is slightly higher then normal. I have 2.5" pipe off the header flange and...
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