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  1. how900

    ABS pump help

    Hi, so I am trying to understand the pipes going to the abs pump, the top left and top right are front and rear from the master cylinder, I am assuming the bottom left and right are the front and rear out of the abs pump, the middle one at the bottom, is this the abs pressure bleed off for when...
  2. how900

    Two years of running problems and no power are fixed at last

    I have been chasing a running problem for about two years, it felt like a fuel problem, engine had lack of power, mostly in the mornings, I would try and overtake but had now power, , even when the engine kicked down.....its was really poor, ....after giving the engine some heavy stomping on the...
  3. how900

    Air temp sensor code fault..anyone know where the sensor is

    so as In the title, I got an ambient air temp sensor fault code, anyone know where this sensor is located, a picture would be really helpful, Thanks guys H
  4. how900

    Does anyone ever replace the o2/oxygen sensor as a maintainance item

    just checking, I still have the occasional running problem with my cruiser, have had the truck for 50,000, what's the dealers recommended interval to change the o2 sensor, mine looks old and crusty, I was reading online that many car makers have it as a maintanance item and replace them every...
  5. how900

    Anyone fitted modded cam shafts to get more pep from you 1fz

    so I would like a bit more pep out of my 4.5 1fz, in an ideal world I would throw $6,000 at a supercharger and be done with it, power from the get go it what I would like, but my budget for mods is about 1500 right now, don't want to go down the turbo route as I don't Need the upper rev range...
  6. how900

    My heater valve just fell apart on my 80, ..go check yours

    just on my way to meet a few mates for a couple of beers a few days ago and on the way saw a little puff of steam from under the hood when I stopped and had a look under the hood one of the pipes to the heater valve had snapped off, the plastic heater valve was so rotten it just started falling...
  7. how900

    New winch bumper and lights on my 95. 80series

    just thought I would post a pic of my new winch bumper, haven't got the winch fitted yet as have some other jobs on the front end to do first, had the bumper about 3 months, real easy to fit. And very well made. Should come with some led running light But haven't got round to putting those on...
  8. how900

    Help..... fuel pressure gauge, what size is this connector

    Have a very intermittent power loss of problem on my 1995 lc80 4.5, decided I should fit a fuel pressure gauge to see if it drops when the power drops off, coming from the fuel filter is a flexible fuel hose about a foot long the connects to a metal pipe, I would like to place an adapter here to...
  9. how900

    Awesome LC80 extended chassis pickup conversion.

    Anyone ever seen an 80 with extended chassis and pickup conversion, i think this picture is from Australia, this would suit my needs perfectly, anyone with info or more pic of this type of thing please post, i have seen a bunch of conversions where they use a box type pickup conversion, but...
  10. how900

    Which service manual

    what is the consensus about which service manual is best, I checked fleabay and found 3 different ones, I only even used Haynes in the past and they seemed ok but what do those who have them recommend please. Thanks How
  11. how900

    95 4.5 80 where to test fuel pressure......test port....?

    is there a fuel pressure test port on my LC 80 1fzfe , I can't see it if there is, if not where do people attach the tester, do you just add into the rubber hose. Got some major hesitation and dying under load, starts just fine, tick over just fine, under load Is dreadful, even pulling away I...
  12. how900

    1995 LC 80 4.5 what is the valve under the intake manifold

    What it the valve under the intake manifold, seems to be connected to the engine vacuum system, does it ever cause problems, I have lack of power, seems like fuel starvation from cold gets better after a few miles,swapped maf no change, new fuel filter, checked pump, seems to be lots of fuel...
  13. how900

    Landcruiser 80 window motor dead / stopped working

    Just thought I would post this info in case anyone searches for it. And has the same problem Rear drivers window won't work, it was fine last time it was used, but that could of been months ago.....maybe more than a year. Anyway today not working, won't work with rear door switch or front...
  14. how900

    Need a new 80 rear axle with locker, pre and post 95 axle info

    I have a 95 80 petrol, the rear shock mount has corroded, found a 94 axle which I am checking to see if it has diff lock, I know the later have abs and bigger discs, but would a pre 95 axle work if I swap the other parts of are there other differences that I can't unbolt and swap over, also if...
  15. how900

    Broken lower front shock mount

    As I came into my drive today I noticed the front of the truck bouncing a bit, never noticed it doing that before so had a little look under the front expecting to find a knackered front shock.......but was surprised to find the lower front shock mount snapped off the axle......anyone else ever...
  16. how900

    where is the air temp sensor and vac sensor on an 80

    anyone know where the air temp sensor and vacuum sensor is on 4.5 1995 1FZ-FE 80 series, , getting some fault codes that point to these as possible faulty items, anyone ever had to replace or test these items. :bang:
  17. how900

    Is there more than one temp sensor on my 80

    I found a temp sensor under the plenum screwed in to the block, is there another temp sensor or 2 hiding somewhere or does this one send info to everything, I know my shogun has 3 temp sensors so was expecting to find more than one on my 80
  18. how900

    Help with fault codes on my 80 1fz fe 1995

    Got some really bad lack of power issues when cold, takes 5-10 mins and things get much better but it runs like it has a lawn mower engine under the hood till it warms up, and seriously can't get past 20mph for about a mile, push the gas down hard and it kicks down but still no power, pushing...
  19. how900

    Wanted  1995 LC 80 4.5 rear brake plates

    I am looking for the plates that the parking brake shoes mount on, mine have gone rusty due to launching a boat in the sea too often, mine has the 16 " wheels and brakes, contact me here or direct at Shipping is to huntersville NC Hopefully someone has some at a...
  20. how900

    Knock from rear of car

    Hey Guys, My truck is in Grenada and the roads here are as twisty and wiggley and as .......errrr..........well as a really twisty wiggley thing. When cornering the beast has developed and knock from the rear, it will knock once when going round a LH corner and then again when I go round the...
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