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  1. Armenoonanian

    For Sale 1st/2nd Synchronizer Hub Assembly new oem

    Please, let me know if the part is still available. Also, I need and advice from you. Thanks
  2. Armenoonanian

    Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 1969-1973 Speedometer cable NOS Part # 83710-69015

    I bought one of these cables from you about 10 days ago. Today my customer took the truck to a mechanic shop for installation but the mechanic says the new cable is two times shorter than the one he has on his 1970 fj40. Please, let me know
  3. Armenoonanian

    SOLD VA: FJ60/FJ62 Mud Flaps CLEAN

    Hello, I like to know if the mud flaps are still available. Thanks
  4. Armenoonanian

    For Sale 84 BJ42

    Hello, Is the truck still available?
  5. Armenoonanian

    For Sale 84 BJ42

    Hello, Is this truck still available?
  6. Armenoonanian

    Wanted  BJ42 2 wire connector Dome light

    Looking for 1982-84 BJ42 two-wire connector Dome Light.
  7. Armenoonanian

    Fj40 power steering heat shield and brackets

    Hello, Looking for one of that power steering gearbox heat shield. Please, let me know if you have one for sell. Arman
  8. Armenoonanian

    Wanted 78 Front splash guard (Found one)

    Hi, looking for a new 1979-83 splash guard 51441-60013. Please, let me know if you still have one. Thanks
  9. Armenoonanian

    For Sale FJ40 Headrests

    Interested, please let me know how I can pay. (818) 730-1331 Arman
  10. Armenoonanian

    Wanted FJ45 Tailgate Chains

    The fabric is in fantastic condition! Paid $750 2 years ago but never instaled. $850?
  11. Armenoonanian

    Wanted FJ45 Tailgate Chains

    Hi Brett, I Have a NOS Factory chain pair. Let me know if you are still interested.
  12. Armenoonanian

    Parting Out Carson City Nevada 1982 Toyota 4X4

    Can you please text a few pics to (818) 730-1331 Thanks
  13. Armenoonanian

    For Sale FJ40 Air Cleaner

    Interested in this air cleaner. Please, let me know. Armen
  14. Armenoonanian

    For Sale FJ40 Air Cleaner

    Hi, Is this air cleaner available?
  15. Armenoonanian

    For Sale 2F valve cover

    Forgot to leave my info for the valve cover. Please, contact me at (818) 730-1331 Armen
  16. Armenoonanian

    For Sale 2F valve cover

    Interested and ready to pay. I’m in California
  17. Armenoonanian

    SOLD 91 Fj80 Steering Wheel

    Hi, Interested in this steering wheel and ready to buy. Is it still available?
  18. Armenoonanian

    SOLD Plano, TX - Rear view mirror 1966 FJ40 3 hole mount flat glass

    Hi, I’m the guy from eBay. Hope you can accept my offer here because I can pay directly.
  19. Armenoonanian

    For Sale FJ60 Full Wiring Harness

    Hi, Do you still have the harness?
  20. Armenoonanian

    FJ40 Early Horn Button Repro

    I purchased 10 buttons few months ago and like to repeat the order. Please, let me know. (818) 730-1331 Armen
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