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    Tires in Hattiesburg, MS, where do you find Michelin 275/70r16 around here that aren't $308.00

    I could wait 5 days for another shop to order them but I can get from tire rack for 240. I want to get them before trip up north in three days through snow
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    Wanted  Kentucky: 98-02 Driver door panel Tan

    Looking for driver door panel for 98 LC. Tan interior
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    Wanted  100 series ARB bumper - Louisville, KY

    ARB front bumper and mounting equipment for 98 LC. Willing to drive or ship if too far.
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    Clicking noise driving me nuts

    When I start my LC in the morning and accelerate I hear a clicking noise. It dies down after I've been driving for a while. If i turn the LC off and then restart and drive more clicking noises as I accelerate. Its a 98 and the exhaust is original. I have a video but it is too big for the...
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    The best tools and methods for extracting broken bolts

    ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! 98 LC, little rust but it has beaten me once again. All three bolts for the transfer case shield and half of the bolts for the engine plate have broken off. Stopped by Auto Zone, lifted truck, drilled out bolts, used OEM extractor set, broke 2 of the five trying to get...
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    Part and Seek - 2

    What is it, what does it do, does it need to be replaced, & part number Not all will need to be replaced Its just sitting there doing nothing and it's not for this
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    Part and Seek - 1

    What is it, what does it do, should it replaced, part number?
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    Would a 98LC get better gas milage by changing to a A750F transmission

    I have a 98LC but wondered if switching from the stock 4 speed to a 5 speed A750F transmission would improve my gas mileage and could it be done fairly easy?
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    Noise from down under, dealership states it's the catalytic converter shields

    Had new rotors, brakes, fluid flush at dealership 2 months ago. Lately its been squealing when I apply the brakes and sometimes when I'm driving down the road it will squeal on its own until I apply the brakes. In my head I was thinking that they didn't put a shim behind the brake pad and it...
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    Front upper light cluster and garage door opener tray

    Ever since I've owned my LC the tray is has been hanging down in the front about a 1/2 inch. Wondered can I just pull it down and replace the tabs on it so it will stay in place or do I have to order a whole new part? Also wondered with this upgrade how much horsepower and gas savings can be...
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    2nd row seat middle seat belt stuck.

    Any ideas or write-ups with pictures (worthless without pics) on how to unstick my seat belt? Its been stuck the whole time I've owned it and since I only have two in the back it hasn't been a priority but I've got some time so I thought I'd get it working again.
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    Viper Ceramic 30%

    I posted this in the 100 section but a few of them suggested I post here as well. I tinted the windows on my 100 series and it looks good. My wife tried to have it tinted for me and the shop that did the tint promised they could get close; long story short smoked tint didn't match at all...
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    Retinting front windows and will have extra Viper Ceramic 30%

    I'm in the process of re-tinting my front, two windows. I believe my LC had this on it when I transferred it from Indianapolis because whatever I had matched. When the sheriff's department in KY inspected my LC they told me that my tint on the front two windows was below the 30% limit (29.7 or...
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    Anyone using a Westin Winch Mount

    Is anyone using a Westin winch mount? I saw a Tacoma over the weekend that had a brush guard similar to the one on my Land Cruiser and he had a Westin winch mount attached to his brush guard. I'm just curious if the Tundra or Tacoma mount could be used for our vehicles. Attach pictures and...
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    Looking for a NMO mount for a CB but find plenty of info for HAM

    Like the post says I'm looking for a NMO mount for a CB but everything that I've found here always talks about NMO mounts for HAM radios. Currently I have a Gamiviti mount with a 4' non-ground plane Firestik II antenna with spring. I see a lot of play in the antenna when driving down the...
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    Tool Kit Inventory

    I bought my 100 used with 129,000 miles on it. How do I find out what tools I'm supposed to have in the toolbag? It basically has a roll bag with two Velcro straps on each end to secure it. Does anyone have the complete part list that is supposed to come with the vehicle and are there other...
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    Anyone have experience with Wild Country Radial MTX

    Looking for tires and noticed that a dealer offers Wild Country Radial MTX from Multi-Mile. Didn't know if anyone had experience with them but would love to hear some opinions.
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    Safe lifting points using a two-post lift

    I have access to a two-post lift but I want to make sure that I use safe lifting points underneath. The lift is rated for higher than the weight of my 98 Land Cruiser so it can do the job with ease.
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    Off Road / Night Time Reflectivity

    Anyone else out there added reflective tape to their 100 for off road or night time safety?
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    Starting Issues

    Hopped in the LC last week and tried to start, nothing, so I needed a new battery anyways so I replaced with an Optima. Started after install and been driving. Over the weekend got in truck and turned key and nothing happened like battery was dead, turned ignition key off and tried to restart...
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