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    Chevota question?

    I have a 74 with a FI 350, 4 speed and I have driven all over the place in my rig. You do have to stop and get fuel every 150 miles, and until you get better brakes I would keep it at 50-60.
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    For Sale  BMW 3 series seats mounted on custom frames to fit in 1974 FJ40

    I needed new seats in my FJ40, and got these BMW 3 series seats from a junk yard and had mounting brackets made up so I could install them. I'm 6'4" and have the stock steering wheel, and I just don't fit right...I'm too big! This would be ideal for someone smaller, and maybe for someone who has...
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    Patina Appreciation: Show Us Your Rusty Land Cruiser!

    my 1974...
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    Door rehab need to open the wing window all the way, it then releases the frame so you can pull it out of the door.
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    why does my 1974 FJ40 shimmie at 60-65 mph

    I get bad vibration and noise at around 55-65...any ideas as to why?
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    Heater Restoration for Dummies

    I can't see anything you're showing, and I don't see you on ebay...can you share a link?
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I rebuilt the front end knuckles and did the bearings and seals, tie rods, 4 wheel disc brake conversion, suspension lift with new springs and shackles and shocks, tune up on the ramjet crate I need to get the headlight switch, wiper switch, and fresh pull cable, rebuild the...
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    2F vs V8

    jdr4282 I have a 1974 FJ40...I lost the oil pump and didn't shut it down in time...fried the bottom end bearings. I debated on whether to rebuild the 2F at the cost of about $3500 and still only get 10-12 mpg and max out at 65-70, or go with the V8...which weighs less, has more horsepower, and...
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