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  1. alex e

    SOLD  76 FJ40 Resto-Mod ready to assemble, rolling chassis for sale.

    $5000 firm takes it all. '76 FJ40 350ci conversion rolling chassis project. Tons of extras, uprated parts, etc. 100% solid tub, and frame. 350ci Edelbrock intake and carb mounted. New 4 wheel discs and brakes, new aluminum radiator and mount, new electric fan shroud kit, plus 4 Runner master...
  2. alex e

    Extended front wheelbase after SOA and SR problem

    Quick question for SOA and shackle reversal guys. My wheelbase obviously grew after this procedure, and I don’t think my pitman arm will move sufficiently L & R to steer while driving around in the city easily, ie make 3pt turns and the like. I have home brew highsteer from 4x4 labs as well...
  3. alex e

    75 instrument cluster harness pics?

    Corona has me finishing every project i have at home......Forcing the 75 SBC resto-mod alive.....working on the gauge cluster illumination, so I checked for power. I have engine mostly plumbed and wired up and AMP meter is hot as is the fuse block. There are two unused spade connector on fuse...
  4. alex e

    40 Owner looking for an 09 to DD, what are the gotchas with 200s?

    There’s ‘76 40 in the garage along with a 911 Carrera 4, and my low back, GF, Dallas “streets” and 6 year old son have requested a 4 door vehicle OFFICIALLY. I fell in love with an 09 Landcruiser on a road trip and have always wanted one. Seeing these in the $20s have piqued my interest big...
  5. alex e

    So I cranked my V8 today finally!

    I have finally had enough and began pushing the sled forward so I started working on my electrical system.Was lucky as hell that happened to pour a quart of oil into it just about a month ago and none of it leaked out as my rig is been mothballed for a decade. I connected the starter motor and...
  6. alex e

    Need to have a shop finish my 40. Who is the go to?

    Uncle. Here's my wallet. Where do I go?
  7. alex e

    Who's DFW go to Cruiser shop?

    I recently semi retired. I'm sending my 76 v8 Thing to be finished at a shop. With a three year old it's not on my radar. Who is the shop to go to these days?
  8. alex e

    Anyone with a fuel cell? Where and how did you mount it?

    Can't decide where to put mine, and don't want to chop a hole in my tub for the filler neck. I do not run rear seats, etc. I have enough lift that I can put it under the vehicle as well. Anyone have one in their rig?
  9. alex e

    Booster stud thread pitch?

    anyone know the thread pitch etc so I can bolt this into my 40? While I'm at it master cyl stud nut as well?
  10. alex e

    Driveshafts! I have forgotten it all.....

    So it's been awhile but finishing my 40 resto-mod finally after 10 yrs.....I have my rear driveshaft which is now too short and I have a CV driveshaft from a 4Runner that lacks a slip yoke. So stretch them both, but which one for the rear? I'm on 2.5" HFS springs, now SOA as well and highsteer...
  11. alex e

    Wiring my sbc finally.....

    Long time coming i realize but i got off my ass and installed the headers, distributor, new Edelbrock intake and carb, new plugs and wires, MSD Ignition, new battery, new starter motor and solenoid, and i started making 0AWG wires for the new electrical. i realized I haven't a clue how to wire...
  12. alex e

    Radiator pros! What do you think?

    seeems like a tidy solution for cooling the 350 5.7l down here in the TX heat. What do the gods say? I bet somebody...
  13. alex e

    Driveshaft slip yokes stolen.....JEEBUS.

    So my s*** got stolen a while back. They stripped the 350 5.7l down to the bare intake and block. Stole my rear shaft entirely and a bunch of other random s*** including my wiring harness. But I digress.... Previously my truck was at RTCustoms and had both slip yokes stolen off my front stock...
  14. alex e

    Edelbrock intake recommendations?

    Going Holley 650cfm carb on a 350 5.7 block I have installed. Anyone use an Edelbrock Performer intake? 1994 rebuilt small block. Seems Edelbrock website applications recommendation is 1986 and earlier?!!!!
  15. alex e

    Downey 5.7L to H41 4spd adapter reuse with 5.3 or 6.0?

    I could be very soon dropping in a 5.3 or 6.0 as replacement for the 5.7 currently in my 40. We used a Downey adapter to wed the above stock 4spd and tcase to the 350. Thieves stripped my 5.7 down to just the block. Maybe I can make a coffee table out of it or something..... Offhand, does...
  16. alex e

    Parting Out  SOA 75 with title, v8, FSR, HFS 2.5", hi steer, Saginaw PS, Texas

    Cut and turned SOA unlocked axles $1000 Metaltech full family cage still in the plastic every option but the seat cradle $750 HFS 2.5" lift leafs $900 Straight no rust frame and matching VIN solid tub with title $2000 Front doors 100% complete typical bottom rust & ambulance rears $1200 Straight...
  17. alex e

    For Sale  black Steel Summit wheels 6 on 5.5 200$ 17x10 I believe.....used these as my rollarounds during my feet swap with 37 inch BFG Krawlers but never ventured out on the street, then I ended up buying 4 cheap BFG KM2 Mud Terrains (34 R18) tires which of course, do not fit! Bought...
  18. alex e

    For Sale  76 rolling chassis, Metaltech, SOA

    Spring over axles plus disk brakes w/o locked diffs...$1k ea MT full fam cage plus all extras in plastic still and unassembled, MT floor plates, corner bars, hip bars, spreaders, dash bar, grabs, belt bar, only missing the seat cradle bars... $750 HFS 2.5" lift springs $900 Straight no rust...
  19. alex e

    18" steelies. Anyone have them?

    I know guys have had steelies made with back spacing and widths to fit but has anyone done an FJ Cruiser style steely with the small holes all the way around? FJ has incorrect back spacing IIRC but seems someone could make them. Winter wheels in CAN look like that and I've seen them on...
  20. alex e

    Millermatic 175 yes or no?

    Buddy wants to sell me his. Clean as a whistle. Bottle included as well as gun. Are these worth 800$ or so? I want to weld my roll cage and have 220AC 50A circuit dedicated installed in my garage. Discuss.
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