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  1. lisponger

    12ht realtime help

    BACK ON THE ROAD! Thanks Mud! __________________ Just fueled up the HJ61 at a local station. Pulled out literally 50 ft later and the truck stalled. Tried to restart and the engine was stumbling and really really roughly idling. Then stall again. Tried restarting it and no go. I have a...
  2. lisponger

    For Sale  16" FJ Cruiser Alu Wheels - Colorado

    16 inch Toyota FJ Cruiser wheels & lugnuts Just picked these up but I'm headed in another direction as far as wheels go. Came off a 2010 FJ Cruiser. These are 16x7. These are mint, no curb rash, no warping, and look great. I have all the lug nuts as well as locking lug nuts to prevent...
  3. lisponger

    FJ60 & HJ61 Rear Bumper Compatability?

    Need a little assistance from the JDM, Aussie, and Import crowd. Can you mount a HJ61 split bumper on a FJ60? Is there a year when the inner chassis brace changed?
  4. lisponger

    H55f to 12ht bell housing confirmation

    Just wanted to ask the community. Is the 2h bell housing with a h55f a direct mount to a 12ht? I have the auto in there now on my 89 hj61 but plan on towing this winter throughout the Rockies 8-11k ft passes on a very regular basis and need to have a bulletproof tranny.
  5. lisponger

    For Sale  Perfect 60 Series front bumper with Toyota pushbar

    The bumper comes in two parts but you get both. The standard bumper below which is mint; fits on fj60 or 62's AND a modified hj61 JDM bumper pushbar that has light tabs for two lights. (Amber lights not included) Note: This thing is solid! I did not modify this bumper and this was...
  6. lisponger

    For Sale  Complete Door Seal Kit for 60 Series - FJ60, FJ62, HJ60, etc.

    This is a complete door seal kit for a 60 series truck: All 4 doors, rear hatch, and rear door. All seals have plenty of life in them and would be perfect for a restoration project or keeping things stock. $75 for everything. Located on the Front Range in Colorado.
  7. lisponger

    For Sale  Split/step bumper for 60 Series

  8. lisponger

    Realtime help in Longmont CO - Radiator Repair

    FIXED!!! -Edit- In the midst of fitting my transmission line cooler I nicked my radiator drain and drove up to Longmont to have it replaced. I drove up to AAA Radiator Repair in Longmont. Where I began the repairs in an abandoned parking lot due to incompetence by a chain smoking employee.
  9. lisponger

    Transmission Oil Light On > Next steps

    Here's the skinny- I drive a 1989 hj61 with approximately 270,000 kms (167,000 miles) on it. Specs - Turbo, Intercooled, 11psi of Boost, 3" straight pipe from the dump, and Tru-cool 30,000lbs transmission cooler. Running on AMSOIL fluids. I picked up the truck in October and have put...
  10. lisponger

    Gotta love summer fuel!

    Just eeked out 478 miles to a tank of high altitude (10k ft + ) driving and lots of mountain passes (easy up & coast down) Yeah I filled up up to the third click at the pump, used Diesel Power Cetane booster, Amsoil full synthetics, 3" straight pipe, Hallman Boost controller set @ 11.5 psi...
  11. lisponger

    The Official 12HT intercooler thread

    Let this be a central place for all your 12HT intercooler setups for photos, research, and build ideas.
  12. lisponger

    Independence Pass & Kebler Pass Open for 2015 Summer

    Independence Pass linking the towns of Aspen & Leadville opens today at 2pm. Kebler Pass opens today as well at 4pm linking Crested Butte to Paonia.
  13. lisponger

    12HT Intercooler Intake Adapter Pic Request

    Figuring out what route to go for my intercooler on my 12ht and the only part I'm uncertain about is the Intake adapter. Would you guys mind positing some photos of your setups? Homebuilt or Bought. Plus any other thoughts or tips on getting one made or fabbing one myself in the states...
  14. lisponger

    hj61 Carwash = All dash lights lit up like a Christmas Tree!

    I recently took my HJ61 to a local DIY car wash and sprayed all the road grime, salt, and mud then proceeded to drive away. Just minutes after all my dash lights and shifter lights including AT Oil light were illuminated. Battery light, turbo, overboost light, AT high temp light all are...
  15. lisponger

    Studded Snow Tire Options Winter 2014 onward

    This is not a debate of wether or not you need studded tires or not to drive on certain roads. Simply I am trying to compile a list of suitable tires for packed snow, ice, and mixed dirt roads. Pleas feel free to add to the list and upload pics of your current setup!:bounce: So here goes...
  16. lisponger

    BFG 35x10.15x15

    Yep they make this tire... Want some?
  17. lisponger

    Help with decoding a Japanese 10 digit VIN

    Any helpful programs or go to sites to decode a Japenese VIN# ? It's 10 digits in length. I know I've seen screen shots from others but none of them are within the past few years. Specifically I'm trying to research this HJ61 : HJ61014078 Cheers!
  18. lisponger

    Wanted  Diesel 60 series for $8500 USA or Canada

    I need to get a cruiser back in my life! I'm willing to travel and currently am situated in Vermont, so importing from Canada would work. Or I can fly in and drive/tow to Colorado(where we will be moving to in the next 2 months) I'm looking for a DIESEL. Preferably a 5 speed but not a make...
  19. lisponger

    m101 Trailer behind a 60

    I got out of the 60/62 game and picked up a 94 Pickup with a 22re recently. In some dream it came to me that it would be a good idea to buy a trailer to tow behind it for a trip from Colorado up into the Tetons and then out to Vermont with all, I mean ALL of my things in it, thought i could...
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