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  1. Whileemptyheadsdream

    bent frame or not?

    This Is a very good way to get answers to his frame problem. It sounds like the left front took a hard enough hit to Ladder Rack the frame, In essencs the frame Is an odd shaped ladder and now Is out of square. A racked frame can cause several geometry Issues. Good Luck..! :)
  2. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Landcruiser going prices?

    No, 1 mile a month, runs 20 min week. and very well cared for, In and out. I will sell to a collector In 10 yr. when a like new stock 80 can not be found. I will be to old to clean them up then anyway. lol I built my 95 because I can, I'm to busted up to go off road. :frown: I do love...
  3. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Landcruiser going prices?

    Few people realize what a Super Clean low milage complete maintenance history pure stock locked unmolested 80 series Land Cruiser Is worth. Most of those sales, we never here about. I have an Emerald Pearl 40th low mile L/C that I believe would bring 50% of Its 52,825. sticker In a private sale...
  4. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Magnaflow 23120 on 93/94?

    On the Intermediate pipe cut off the ( It Would appear the outside cat connection) weld In sheet metal. Hopefully It will be close enough to bolt the other one up. If not weld a piece of tubing In the most convient location on the Intermediate and figure out your O2s. As to your Interference...
  5. Whileemptyheadsdream

    How bad is this idea?

    The true death wobble Is caused by Improper trunion bearing preload. This condition Is very serious and I would not put myself or anyone else In the position where that condition would be achieved more easilly. I would get the new part overnight. Good Luck..! :) Here Is a quality quote on...
  6. Whileemptyheadsdream

    PHH - Finally... X2

    It all depends on the longevity of the orrigional Toyota red coolant. The Toyota red coolant from the 90s era turned to acid In as little as 9 months. The longer It was left In after that date the greater the darnage to the H/G. I have a 40th with no rust and the H/G was replaced In 2011. The...
  7. Whileemptyheadsdream

    New Michigan 80 delivered to GA - Major overhauling

    On these northern rigs there can be several trouble spots. Where the rear tire carrier attaches to the braclets, Rust on the frame is likely here, and the passenger side frame near the tail pipe just behind the rear tire. Front and rear windows usually need some new sheet metal from rust. The...
  8. Whileemptyheadsdream

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Sounds like that Definition covers almost every one of us. It actually made more sense to me before I read what It ment. I Think ?
  9. Whileemptyheadsdream

    What you guys think yay or nay? (Not mike spotted on eBay)

    Chicago P D patrol vehicle. Nay !
  10. Whileemptyheadsdream

    *** WARNING *** Man-A-Fre panhard drop bracket issue

    And the riser is a dead project. To build it correctly with a 4" rise it will hit the cross member above it. So I buttoned up the panhard with the new hardware and am calling it done As of post 7 in this thread It was a dead project. Good Luck..! :) But that was long ago..!
  11. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Torque Spec for coolant drain plug on block

    Its also solid brass, soft and seals easily. Good luck :)
  12. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Chasing rust in the tub, how do I remove sound deadening?

    You are correct. Road salt or even fertilizer transfered to the carpet from your shoes turns that standing water Into acid. I like your John Adams Quote, few to men abide by that ethic. Goos Luck..! :)
  13. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Has anyone successfully fixed a droopy sun visor?

    There are no perfect deals for what you seek, order a new one while you can still get them. Good Luck !:)
  14. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Odd ball question..

    Thats what I like, a happy ending. Good luck on your sale..! :)
  15. Whileemptyheadsdream

    looking at a 94 need your thoughts

    I have seen that hitch many times before. The tire carrier and frame expecially on exhaust side look much the same or worse. To have the rust repaired would be cost prohibitive, and to do It right most men wouldn't spend the copious amount of time necessary to repair the damage. A lot of It will...
  16. Whileemptyheadsdream

    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    When I bought my 95 It leaked 1 qt. every 3000 mi and I had oil Caked all the way to the spare Tire. If your leaking 1 gal. every 1000 mi. even after a change your undercarriage would be like an open Tub of Grease In a very short time. :) Good Luck !
  17. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Rear pinion seal leak

    Thank you for the Information. The fan slinger would only fit the rear. I instinctively wanted to puy It on the High Pinion but no dice. I am new to L/C as of 3 years ago and I still have much to learn. Thanks and Be Safe !
  18. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Rear pinion seal leak

    Hi, sorry to hijack. I built two completely new thirds for my 95, details in my sig. Slee sent me the stock oil slinger for the 8'' and the fan blade one for the 9.5. I have to drive It on the highway this summer cause my son wrecked his car and Is driving my car till he goes back to school. I...
  19. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Death wobble may be the death of me.. suggestions.

    Just to clarify The Death Wabble Did you do a full knuckle rebuild ? There could be many things that could be the culprit here. I will post one because Its dangerous If not preformed correctly, from a past post. Trunion's The housing that your axle goes through attached to your steering Tie rod...
  20. Whileemptyheadsdream

    Nearly a catastrophic failure. What could cause lug nuts to self-loosen after front axle rebuilt?

    I did this as well, rotate all wheels , one came loose, Sholder of lug was not seated properly, I felt It moving. I wondered and then I heard It tapping and I knew what I had done.
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