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  1. Unimogguy

    eBay  Alpine, AZ 1961 Toyota FJ-25
  2. Unimogguy

    For Sale  FACEBOOK FJ-40's from around the US

    Bored at work....sorry I didn't have time to break them out into individual ads like OAKWEB does. Props to him! I wish there was a tab for FACEBOOK like there is for Craigslist and EBAY. I tried to leave out any of the "high" priced 40's (obviously this is subjective). Several have original...
  3. Unimogguy

    For Sale  FACEBOOK several different 45's

    I have no affiliation or interest in any of the following:
  4. Unimogguy

    For Sale  FACEBOOK several different 55's

    I have no affiliation or interest in any of the following:
  5. Unimogguy

    eBay  Florida 1970+ FJ-55

    Not mine No Affiliation...
  6. Unimogguy


    I meant to post this sooner...I’m leaving VA today (10-03-20) and heading to CA then turning around and driving back to VA (10-08-20)I’m happy to try and help however I can. I’m going to be picking up a FJ-45 bed so I should have some extra room on the trailer. I’m willing to tow up to a...
  7. Unimogguy

    eBay  1969 Toyota FJ-55 Inline 6 3 Speed Manual

    Not mine. No affiliation. Here's one with only a couple hours left: Currently @ $10,100. Hasn't met reserve.
  8. Unimogguy

    Wanted  FJ-45 RHD wiring harness

    I am looking for a wiring harness for my 1973 FJ-45 RHD. Please PM me.
  9. Unimogguy

    craigslist  Huntington Beach, CA 1964 FJ-45

    Not mine. No affiliation.
  10. Unimogguy

    eBay  Tennessee 1977 HJ-45 Diesel

    Not mine no affiliation.
  11. Unimogguy

    For Sale  Kissimmee, FL 1980 FJ-45 LPB

    No affiliation
  12. Unimogguy

    For Sale  Johnston, IA 1982 FJ-45 Troopy

    No affiliation
  13. Unimogguy

    For Sale  Dallas, TX 1990 FJ-45 Extended cab

    No affiliation.
  14. Unimogguy

    For Sale  Hobe Sound, FL 1986 FJ-45 LPB

    No affiliation.
  15. Unimogguy

    craigslist  San Diego, CA 1975 FJ-40

    No Affiliation:
  16. Unimogguy

    craigslist  Seattle, WA

    No affiliation.
  17. Unimogguy

    craigslist  Billings, MT 1965 FJ-45 Troopy Parts

    No affiliation.
  18. Unimogguy

    craigslist  Fort Lauderdale, FL 1984 FJ-45

    No Affiliation:
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