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    Pics of tires

    These are pics of the tires that are (4) of Wrangler MTR Kevlar 35X12.50X 15's with about 70% thread left. If you were at Luis' house for the meeting they were on my 60. Only reason for selling is I'm going back to skinny. Asking $650.00 for set.
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    Selling tires

    I have a full set (4) of Rangler MTR Kevlar 35X12.50X 15's with about 70% thread left. If you were at Luis' house for the meeting they were on my 60. Only reason for selling is I'm going back to skinny. Asking $650.00 for set. If interested, will post pictures.
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    A few of us have been talking about a run into Richloam, We could meet at the check station off 371 around 9:30. I know a few of you are going to hard rock this weekend so lets think of a weekend that would be good for all. charlie 352-299-1759
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    For Sale  1985 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-60

    For sale: 1985 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-60 Mileage current: 229,xxx miles Improvements: · Spring over axles · De-smoged done as Tech Session with Florida Landcruiser Club, along with Brake Line extensions, and greaseable shackles · New Brakes – including emergency brakes · New Belts ·...
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    Tag light

    My tag lights went out but the bulb is good any ideas? thanks oh! 85 fj60.
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    I don't think fl. is not for landcruisering

    Matt you said you didn't think fl is good for landcruising what do you mean by that?
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    A/C Belt

    I'm putting new belts on my 85 60 and I was wondering if anybody had a pic. of how the a/c belt is suppose to go on? thanks
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    Belts fj60

    Does anybody know the right sizes for all three belts and the best ones, changing all three on an 85 60 thanks.
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    Belts fj60

    I'm replacing all three belts on an 85 60 and was wondering whats the best belts for the money and the longest lasting, thanks.
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    For sell locker

    I have a new Powertrax No-Slip Traction System locker that I bought to put in the front end of my FJ60, Luis has see it he was going to help me put it in. At the last second change my mind. so I still have it so I want to trade it or sell it What I'm looking for is a set of tires for a 1991 80...
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    Starter in 91 L/C

    Just a quick question on the starter will a starter from a fj60 fit a 91? Why I ask is that at times my L/C will not turn over, but if you tap the starter then she fires right up. I have a new fj60 starter and I know the engine is almost the same so was hoping it would work. Thanks
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    Reporter at Turkey Trot

    I'm talking to a reporter from the Ocala Star Banner about coming out and writing a article about Landcruiser's, there's always a lot about jeeps, but nothing about landcruisers and wanted to invite him to our Turkey Trot. I've talked to Luis and he's for it, just wanted other opinions. Not a...
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    Breather lines

    I have a 83 60 and was extending the breather lines and read that the transmission also has breather and to extend that also my question where is it? thanks
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    Sock in tank

    I replaced the sock in my 91 and when putting it back in the tank I had to put pressure on it, is this normal? it did not slip into place. thanks
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    fuel sock in tank

    I have a 91 that I'm working on a friend told me I didn't have to replace the fuel sock just take it off and not use one cause gas in the U.S. is clean and the 91 already has a filter. just need some other input. thanks
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    I have an extra locker that I bought for a FJ60 and was wondering if it could be used in the rear of an 91.. thanks
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    ( NO o2senser )

    I brought a 91 that I knew needed work (alot) it didn't have any cats on it but what I didn't know was that it also has no o2senser. what I need to know has anybody ran a 91 without them or should everything be replace? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    No cats

    I bought a 91 that needed work when put it on jack stands notice that it didn't have any cats does it need cats to run right (live in fl so no emissions test) any help.... thanks
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    skid plate

    Hi! all Just got a 91 80, mostly I'm on the 60 site. Have a couple of 60's. this is my first 80. Have a few questions? Will a 60 skid plate fit on an 80? Does the fuel tank have a screen filter in it and if it does how do you change it? I'm asking because I read someplace that it does and after...
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    80 runs hot stops

    I'm new to the 80 series have a 60 I bought this 1991 80 and it ran great while I test drove it. bought it and tried driving it home 45 miles after about 40 miles it started to loss power and had to get off interstate and just made it home. Then it died and wouldn't start but after about an hour...
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