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  1. dannyp

    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    not mine but figured id share the post.
  2. dannyp

    80 series knives

    whats in the truck varies depending on which is in my pocket. right now i switch between these 3
  3. dannyp

    River Crossings

    This was somewhere in richloam wma near Brooksville fl. My oldest son narrating when he was 14. On the way back the champagne 80 took the wrong line, stalled mid way ended up with water in the cab and engine. Luckily we had enough oil between us to change it on the trail and that trucks still...
  4. dannyp

    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    @ga12r1 im interested in the awning
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  7. dannyp


    Here's some pictures from coppingers cove STLCA new years ride.
  8. dannyp


    Is this the section thats dry and folks drive through the bed between GA and FL? I'd love to get some info on where to access it or tag along next time you plan to go. It looks like a cool ride.
  9. dannyp


    I posted them public on Facebook and then linked them here and STLCA page. I never get enough of my own truck wheeling so when I get other peoples I try to share.
  10. dannyp

    [Sorted] Urgent help needed bent draglink Southern Utah

    You may have to take it off and straighten it. The tie rod ends wouldn't let me get it right with it on the truck. A few good wacks on a tree and then still needed to back a friends truck over it to get mine sorted but I wouldn't drive it like that. Once its bent the rest of the bend gets...
  11. dannyp

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I crunched my rear tail light and quarter panel at GSMTR a few weeks ago so I did a little kicking and banging on sheet metal to get the replacement to fit. Also fixed my trailer lights controller thingy while I was in there
  12. dannyp

    Towing lights fix.

    My trailer turn signal and brake lights started acting up and i traced it to a bad 4-way harness converter or adapter or whatever the right name for it is.. It was a port installed option so im sure some will vary. This is the one i had.I'm sure someone has outlined this before but I couldn't...
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    This one.
  14. dannyp


    I took those last 3. We didn't officially meet at GSMTR. I was in the red and black beater 80 with a gangload of kids that day.
  15. dannyp

    GSMTR 2020

    Day 3 was wet and foggy but still a good day.
  16. dannyp

    GSMTR 2020

    For those unable to attend here's the pics I've got so far. For now I'm on a Hotspot and I dont want to upload these pics twice so ill post links to them on my Facebook. The posts are public so you can look through them even if not on Facebook. click the blue f in top right of the preview to get...
  17. dannyp

    Club News

    facebook. Just caught someone mention the club in a comment.
  18. dannyp

    Members Cruisers

    here is my 93 80 and when the wife said she was over the mini van I got her a 2000 lx470
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