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  1. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: Split Case with Drum Parking Brake

    I am selling a split case with stock parking brake drum. Asking $600 plus shipping. I can also just sell the parts to install the parking brake drum on your existing split case. Price would be the same, but you’ll save on shipping.
  2. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: 2F Head

    Selling complete 78 2F head assembly with valve cover. Came off a running 2F until I snapped the crankshaft. I can take a few pictures later today, but the intake and exhaust ports could use a good cleaning. Asking $400 plus shipping.
  3. Bripars40

    For Sale  OK: SM420 Transmission and 3 speed transfer case

    I have a SM420 with 3 speed bellhousing, adapter plate to a FJ40 3 speed transfer case, parking brake drum, transfer case stiffeners from @orangefj45. I purchased this off MUD a few years ago and it ran well while installed behind my 2F. Sometimes 3rd gear will stick a little, but I think that...
  4. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: 2F Gear Reduction Starter

    Selling My 3 year old gear reduction starter. $50 shipped.
  5. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: 2F CityRacer Carb

    I’m swapping out my 2F so I no longer need this CityRacer carb. It’s about three years old. Asking $180 shipped.
  6. Bripars40

    OK: FJ60 Distributor

    I’m selling a stock FJ60 large cap distributor. Great upgrade for your FJ40 ignition. $150 shipped.
  7. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: 03-07 100 Series Front Differential

    Selling a freshly pulled 4.1 100 series front axle. I traded this part with someone who wanted to go with a stock rear locked axle in their 03 LX so they needed the older diff gear ratio. Known working condition, no leaks and ready to ship. Asking $400 shipped.
  8. Bripars40

    Parting Out  Slow part out: OK: (2) 98 and (1) 99 100 Series...I have too many.

    So I’m on my third 100 series part out this year. I have a new one that’s a 98 white 100. Everything is available for purchase. **Edit 4/4/2021 I will be slowing down my parting out process for the foreseeable future. I still have two 100 series left and one is almost complete. I just need to...
  9. Bripars40

    SOLD  FJ62 Front Hub Assemblies

    FJ62 front hub assemblies in great condition! Just disassembled this weekend. Comes with Aisin locking hubs, calipers, slotted rotors. Great for FJ40 disc brake swap or upgrade to large pattern knuckles. I have the FJ62 axle housing, steering arms and linkage as well. I took this apart to...
  10. Bripars40

    SOLD  OK: 3:73 FJ60 Rear Differential

    I’m selling a rear diff out of an FJ60. It’s 3:73. No play at the pinion but it will need a new pinion seal. Other than that it looks good and spins smoothly. Asking $100 plus shipping.
  11. Bripars40

    Trade  FJ60 3:7 diff for 4:1 diff

    Looking to trade a 3:7 diff out of a FJ60 for a 4:1 diff. Located in Oklahoma City, OK.
  12. Bripars40

    MUDShip  Virginia to Oklahoma

    Purchased a set of 3/16” quarter panels for my FJ40. Trying to avoid paying Fastenal’s new higher rates ($200). Anyone making that trip?
  13. Bripars40

    Bending 4x4labs Steering Arms?

    I posted this in the Hardcore Section but wanted to see if anyone would know in this section. My 40 is setup with Luke’s hi-steer arms, but the angle is set for higher lift than I have now(SOA, shackle at the front, flat stock springs, 37s). I’m trying to lower the front as much as possible...
  14. Bripars40

    Bending 4x4labs Steering Arms?

    My 40 is setup with Luke’s hi-steer arms but the angle is set for higher lift than I have now(SOA, shackle at the front, flat stock springs, 37s). I’m trying to lower the front as much as possible. The tie rod now contacts the frame if I hit a big bump while driving. Can I heat and bend the...
  15. Bripars40

    SOLD  Sold: 100 Series Misc Parts.

    ****Slowly finishing this part out***** **Please read** Tan interior. If it’s not in the Sold items below then I still have it for sale. -engine, trans, transfer, wiring, Ecu, shifters, keys etc -front differential -center dash w/climate controls -center console lid -headrests -third brake...
  16. Bripars40

    For Sale  100 Series Chrome Wheels

    I have a set of 4 chrome 100 series rims for sale. Some of the coating is peeling, but overall they're in good condition. Would make for a cheap set to strip and powdercoat. $400 plus shipping from Oklahoma.
  17. Bripars40

    SOLD  100 Series Brake Booster

    I have a fully functioning 100 series brake booster from a truck I'm parting out. It looks to have been replaced at one point in time. $550 shipped.
  18. Bripars40

    For Sale  100 Series Interior

    I’m selling the entire interior of my 2000 tan leather 100 series land cruiser. For the sake of following rules I’ll post a price for one of the items... -$20 rear door interior handle Seats and steering wheel are worn but everything else functions correctly. Sold items: -center console...
  19. Bripars40

    SOLD  Sold 2000 Land Cruiser 100 Series

    ****Slowly finishing this part out. Mostly body and interior items left. I recently bought a 2000 100 series to part out. Body is in great shape and the Carfax shows no accidents so it has all the original body panels. Tan inteior. Sold items below: -engine, trans, transfer, wiring, Ecu...
  20. Bripars40

    Name that Engine Sound

    Need some collective MUD wisdom. Can anyone tell me what’s causing this sound? The truck sat for a long time and now it’s hard to start. Sounds like something on either the front or passenger side is knocking. Bad engine? It idles okay at around 800rpm...
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