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    Wanted  WTB: 3rd gen 4runner Broken E-locker parts (Ohio)

    Looking for someone with a broken e-locker for a 3rd gen 4runner. My cover/backingplate on my actuator is rusted out so I would like to buy a new cover. Located in Ohio.
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    Wanted  FJ 80 front cool springs

    Looking specifically for fj80 front coils ( 7wraps, color codes double purple, gray, white / orange orange white)
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    Parting Out Nor Cal. 93 80 series

    I see no axles, front springs available? What color code?
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    Parting Out 1996 Toyota Landcruiser

    looking for stock front springs. what are the color codes?
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    Parting Out 1991 80 series, good engine and drivetrain

    Front Springs available yet?
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    Parting Out 1991 fj80 N Fla 32609

    interested in front springs. What color code are they?
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    Parting Out 1991 80 series, good engine and drivetrain

    DO you know color codes on the front spring coils?
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    Parting Out White 93 80 series N Fla

    DO you know color code on front spring coils?
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    Parting Out Complete 1996 Dark Green with Grey Interior - Everything.

    What are the color codes on the front spring coils?
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    Took the 4runner out in the "blizzard" lol

    Nice bike. I own a few, 2004 GSXR600 (my first bike which i bought in 2005 and still own it), a 1974 honda cb500, and a 2000 Honda RC51 (needed my V-twin love).
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    99 4-runner low idle help needed

    Google symptoms of a bad IAC and I'm sure it'll match your symptoms exactly. Id say make sure the thin wire inside of your MAF is clean too.
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    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80 Green in Iowa

    in case it falls through, what is the color code on them?
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    For Sale 80 series parts sell off

    They are just colored dots on the coil itself. usually (purple/puple - green - white) each color on a diff wrap. They might be covered up even with light dirt.
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    Seeking Employment  Soon to graduate Mech Eng. 9-year Navy vet

    I was in the Navy for 9 years as an aircrewman/in-flight avionics tech. Have held several other specialties which let me to acquire a TS/SCI clearance (good until 2017). I am finishing my degree in Mechanical Engineering and will graduate in December of 2016. Just looking to see if anything is...
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    99 4-runner low idle help needed

    Do a test on your IAC, idle air control valve. It's located on the underside of the throttle body.
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    Parting Out 94 FJ80 Very Complete with Brown Cloth Interior SoCal

    Looking for front coil springs if still available
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    For Sale 80 series parts sell off

    assuming the stock coil springs are gone? if not, what color code are the fronts?
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    Welcome to Veterans' Highway!

    My name is Chad Burgess 9-year Navy Vet. I was an aircrewman in P-3C aircraft. I spend my two years of training in Pensacola and Jax Florida, I think did about 5 years on MCBH in Hawaii where I complete 3 tours, spending about 14 months boots on deck in Iraq and several other months in various...
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    Wanted 80 or LX front coil springs

    How about the other side?
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