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  1. Tancruiser

    White other than Cygnus White for roof top?

    I use Wimbledon white on my cruisers it’s a ford color but looks pretty decent on cruisers . Duplicolor has it in rattle cans grab one and check it out.
  2. Tancruiser

    Need advice! FJ40 for sale

    What’s he asking for it?
  3. Tancruiser

    Anyone else sick of summer?

  4. Tancruiser

    Finally home

    After 7 months in the hospital I’m finally home my son took me out in the LV . Thanks to all who prayed for me I still have a long recovery but at least I’m home.
  5. Tancruiser

    after KOH LV build

    I’ll meet you at the lake Jack.🤗
  6. Tancruiser

    after KOH LV build

  7. Tancruiser

    How many bolts are holding the transfer case to the transmission 1976 fj40 stock rig

    Sometimes it can be really hard to separate a t case from the transmission.
  8. Tancruiser

    back in the cruiser game

    Very nice but that steering wheels gota go.
  9. Tancruiser

    Fiber glass roof

    I don’t think so the front part won’t have the cutouts for the wiper arms .
  10. Tancruiser

    What are you running for alarm/anti theft?

    Three on the tree they are really confused by that.
  11. Tancruiser

    Builds meet tucson

    I felt then same way when my 45 pickup driove away so I just dug into my new LV project and moved on .
  12. Tancruiser

    Slip Yoke/Dust Cover Felt Seal

    Make your own.
  13. Tancruiser

    after KOH LV build

    Just don’t put a v8 in it. I put a carb fan out of a 60 on mine
  14. Tancruiser

    FJ45 rollovers and the need for a roll cage

    Remember the days when all us kids rode in the back Of pickups
  15. Tancruiser

    FJ45 rollovers and the need for a roll cage

    I drove my 45 all over Trails in Moab and never even gave it a second thought.
  16. Tancruiser

    FJ Rear Brakes Sticking...way worse when hot...

    I had the same issue ended up being the rubber lines
  17. Tancruiser

    Short Wife= clutch problem

    Just buy her an 80 problem solved.
  18. Tancruiser

    I think every Toyota dealer should have one, cool idea.

    I think I could run that in my tr3.
  19. Tancruiser

    2F Valve Cover Question

    I don’t think all shiny is factory correct.
  20. Tancruiser

    Anybody worried about there electric fuel pump continuing to run after a roll over or accident?

    Don’t worry the air bags will probably kill you first.
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