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  1. poose

    Wanted 64 FJ45SWB window handle

    64 drivers window joint/handle and rubber, sorry crappy picture of the passenger side. Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  2. poose

    SWB Removeable top list

  3. poose

    SWB Removeable top list

    64 fj45 1967 V#20157 Lake Tahoe, NV
  4. poose

    64 swb 45 brakes

    Thanks for the info, have a couple sets of 40 axles just need to find some housing,
  5. poose

    64 swb 45 brakes

    begining work on my 64 45 having an issue finding brake parts for a 64, what is the difference from a 71. I have 78 outers can I just switch them to disc. If not anyone know where to get 64 parts. Everyone has 71
  6. poose

    Any one looking for an FJ40

    Engine was the usual dirty dried out been sitting was told it runs
  7. poose

    Any one looking for an FJ40

    It’s a lower wiper, just missing an arm
  8. poose

    Any one looking for an FJ40

    Placerville Ca, yesterday went down to an estate sale there was a 63 Fj40. I did not take it figured I would throw it here if someone was looking it is rough but no rust soft top is pretty shot. It comes with another frame and parts axles leaf springs are some that I saw. 1528 Highland Cir...
  9. poose

    45's in the winter pictures

  10. poose

    What would you trade your 40 for?

    Either one
  11. poose

    80 Series Registry

    1991 80 Kade No name yet 200,000 4” lift not sure what kind, Detroit locker in the rear will be putting an arb in the front, 35” MTR’s, some purdy dings. First luxury rig it has AC and doors from the 90’s even. Was planning on modifing the Sequoia but think this is a little better. Later...
  12. poose

    Removing an fj80 birfield

  13. poose

    Removing an fj80 birfield

    I mentioned I placed it into a few different types of pipes round and square, my garage looks like my kid got bored with a jackhammer. Axle will not move. Thanks for the input looks like I am cutting it.
  14. poose

    Removing an fj80 birfield

    is there any special way to remove an 80 berf different from a 40/ mini truck. Got an 80 with a bad Passenger side front. Figured I would upgrade the berfs cannot remove it from inner axle about to cut it to get it off. I have tried a 3’ piece of 1-1/4 pipe, then switched to 1-1/2 square...
  15. poose

    FJ45 Registry

    64 FJ45L removable top FJ45-20157 sat for 20yrs in a yard Soon to be alive
  16. poose

    who has got a 4bt in there fj40?

    Why not an om617, I was going to do a 55 things change never did it
  17. poose

    Parting Out 71 FJ40 tub n frame

    South Lake Tahoe Ca, I have what's left of a 71 40. The frame was cut 1/2 through the rear wheel well. The tub has been bobbed to a single door, I do have the title. Will trade looking for 6 lug bead locks, 37" tires , 45 doors whatever $500
  18. poose

    Official 27th Rubithon Thread, June 23-28th, 2015

    Hope to see everyone there!
  19. poose

    Official 26th Rubithon Thread 2014

    Was a good trip glad to see everyone. We had no major issues on Cadillac, that was good. I would like to thank Jon for working with us on lower after having a full day on Friday coming in. Figured we would put him in the hardest spot to keep him awake.
  20. poose

    How do you mount your iPhone in your 40?

    I have a boat stereo in my 74 and 78 cruisers the iPhone fits in for use an iPod!
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