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  1. HemiAlex

    Wanted FJ62 rear sway bar bracket(s)

    I lost my bracket as I was installing the rear bar. I’ll take a single or a pair. I’m just looking for the right angle bracket with the two studs that pass through the frame.
  2. HemiAlex

    Broken evap nipple

    As I was dropping my fuel tank today, I broke one of the evaporative system nipples. Aside from replacing the whole trunk mounted system, I thought about just using a plastic nipple exposure in place to patch this. What else could I do to fix this? But I was wondering, since I don’t have an...
  3. HemiAlex

    4.11 and an H55F

    I've got about 12,000 miles since my h55F swap and I'm currently running 3.70 diffs. The truck runs great on the highway and has proved itself on the trails also, but its not perfect. The only thing that worries me is the downhill on steep grades in 4LOW. First gear is too touchy and causes me...
  4. HemiAlex

    Wanted 60 series sliders

    Just a shot in the dark. Looking for a set of 60 series sliders. I want something used to match the rest of my beat up truck before I buy new. Willing to ship or drive a state or two away from Texas. Thanks
  5. HemiAlex

    Clutch slave spring and bracket on a post 85 truck

    Do all the post 85 trucks have this spring and bracket? Mine doesn’t have this and looks like it hasn’t had one recently. What do I need to get this right? I’ve been 40,000 miles of ownership without issue not having it.
  6. HemiAlex

    flat rack on a 60

    Does anyone have a full length flat rack on a 60? It’s between the 87x49 ARB or a bowfin rack for my 60. Because the truck is daily driven between my wife and I, I need something that is way lower than my Yakima bars. Pics are appreciated!
  7. HemiAlex

    Wanted Silver 60 series parts: DS front door and lower tail gate

    I’m looking for rust free examples of both. dings, dents and scratches are ok. Located in Houston Texas, don’t mind shipping if you’re willing to strap it to a pallet.
  8. HemiAlex

    Wanted WTB: 1969 or newer FJ40 fuel tank

    I’ve got a 6/69 FJ40 that needs a tank. I don’t mind going to a newer set up if you’ve got all the parts to match it up. Top choice is a non rusty internal tank that would be a drop in to what I’ve got. No holes or patched tanks wanted. I just don’t mind something that is ugly and needs paint...
  9. HemiAlex

    Symptoms of a cracked intake

    My truck started running poorly a few weeks ago. It had a fit and barely idled at lunch, I drove through the miss and then it started being normal again for a few weeks. In the last two days I really thought I got a bad tank of fuel. Found good gas, put some MMO in the tank and it seemed to get...
  10. HemiAlex

    Random rough idle

    I've had no mechanical issues with the truck in years. The head was rebuilt with OEM parts 30,000 miles ago and I'm close to factory compression still, oil is changed, fuel filter gets changed every oil change, valve were adjusted a few thousand miles ago, it doesn't overheat, has great oil...
  11. HemiAlex

    Wanted 1969 fj40 ignition switch and key

    My 40 is missing it’s key and switch. I don’t mind having a separate key to start it for now. Just need something to get it going. What do you all have?
  12. HemiAlex

    Starting an old F1.5 after sitting for ages

    The motor in my 40 is crusty. Oil is thick, everything is dirty and most things are disconnected. The biggest road block to turning it over by hand is the fact that the engine has a hand crank balancer. I just want to get the Engine to turn by hand. Barring the major systems that are...
  13. HemiAlex

    For Sale Houston Texas: ARB roof top tent

    Used for four days and packed up. Paid $1400 for it, asking $1200. Includes annex and all the proper hardware.
  14. HemiAlex

    For Sale TX: 60 series heavy fabricated rear bumper

    It’s a heavy wall fabbed bumper that uses the factory mounting points. Will include the grade 8 bolts to mount this. Willing to ship at buyers expense, but prefer a local pickup. $250
  15. HemiAlex

    MUDShip Colorado to Houston,Texas :tire carrier bumper

    I’m thinking of getting a bumper for my 60 from CO. I was wondering if anyone does this route? Not in a rush, sometime before summer would be great. Willing to work out the details and help take care of anyone who can help me.
  16. HemiAlex

    Wanted TX: 70 series steel wheels

    I'm ready to buy new, but I wouldn't mind a set of 70 series steelies with some love on them...just a long shot.
  17. HemiAlex

    Anyone using the new BFG KM3?

    It's almost time to think about tires for my 60 as I'm coming up on 25,000 miles on the K02's. How the time flies when you daily drive your race tractor. I'm wondering if anyone has any miles on them and what their feedback is. I've had KO's, KO2's and this is the next step up for me.
  18. HemiAlex

    Wanted 84610-60430 60 series turn signal assembly

    I need one as a spare. Let me know what you’ve got.
  19. HemiAlex

    Turn signals and hazards not working

    Just noticed a few mins ago that nothing is working. The 7.5a fuse has power and isn’t burnt. The relay doesn’t sound like it’s broken. But when I pull the relay and check the terminals on the relay block, I don’t get any power. I just ordered the relay as a spare. Is the turn signal...
  20. HemiAlex

    Cb radio interference.

    I’ve got a midland 75-822 on my truck. The power is run direct to the radio and the antenna is an 18ft cable that I’ve tried to run two different ways now. I’m hearing radio interference with the antenna plugged in. I’m running a 4 ft fire stick. When I unplug either end of the antenna cable...
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