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    What it's worth...mud inputs

    Hi all, I started looking for a 200 series a few years back and quickly came to the realization that sellers wanted more than I was willing to give. I gave up on my 200 search and settled with a 2006 100 series and am very happy with that. Now my wife would like an Land Cruiser and a local...
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    Time for a new front bumper?

    So my 100 sustained some damage while parked inside my garage, long story, but me thinks it may be time for a blueberry bumper if I can convince the wife. This still has the AHC working fine and as I read on this forum adding the front bumper shouldn't be too much weight for the system. In...
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    high pitch whine

    Hello Mudders, I have a high pitch whine from something near the front of the motor that is intermittent. It first occurred when I was attempting to jump start another vehicle about two weeks ago. It was constant while I drove to work, but then went away. Yesterday it came back under normal...
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    nagging things to fix

    I bout a 2006 lx470 in June and initially spent my time working on a fuel issue, but now my focus has turned to fixing a few annoying things. First is the plastic homelink/sunglasses holder is scratched. I have done some searching on MUD but couldn't seem to find a good source for replacement...
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    fuel issues 2006 LX470

    I have a 2006 LX470 that I purchased a little over 3 months ago. When hot out and driving quite a bit it would be hard starting, just like a vapor lock, until it cooled down then starts fine. Also I get a fuel vapor/alcohol odor when it is hot out as well, and this odor comes from underneath...
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