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    For Sale Expedition Trailer

    After giving it a lot of thought I have decided its time to let my expo trailer go. I’m feeling the urge to start a new project. Basics (I’m sure I will forget something,) Build Thread Many, many pics in the build thread Built in 2012 Approximately 12,000 miles, since built...
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    Oil pressure sensor seal

    I'm about to replace my oil pressure sensor. How is it supposed to seal? (Should there be a gasket? O-ring? Just the threads themselves?)
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    1989 FJ62 A/C System Restoration & Retrofit

    It is time to bring my truck's A/C system back online. It has been open (the line from the drier to the firewall is missing) since before I bought it over a year ago. I expect I will have replace most if not all of the components. So of course I have some questions... 1. Does anyone have...
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    89 FJ62 stutter / hesitation / backfire / stall

    FJ62 stutter / hesitation / backfire Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Recently noticed an intermittent rough idle followed by long periods of it running great. Yesterday it stalled at a red light & the check engine light illuminated, but the light went out as soon as I restarted the truck. Tonight...
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    FJ62 Test drive(s) in North Georgia

    TL;DR 1. I like the way my stock FJ62 drives, rides, and "handles" right now. 2. I want to make it taller. 3. I don't want to spend time effort and money to end up with something I like less. 4. I Would like to drive a stockish FJ62 on 31" tires, and 33" tires with quality lift to see how...
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    Rain gutter reseal

    It is time to reseal my gutters. Which leads me to some questions. 1. What profile should the gutters have on the a pillar? The more I look at mine I feel like the part of the gutter on the A pillar has sustained some damage over the years. On my driver's side the gutter is approximately 1/4"...
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    60 series Rear door glass interchange

    will rear door glass from a 60 work in a 62 ? I plan on keeping the power window regulator.
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    FJ60 front light functions

    I am putting a 60 nose on a 62 and need modify the wiring accord When should the upper amber section illuminated? When should the lower clear section illuminate?
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    Fusible links from scratch

    All of the fusible links in my 89 FJ62 were removed by my truck's PO, so in the interest of avoiding a cruiser fueled bonfire I think I'll replace them. My goal is to build a replacement set that is indistinguishable from the OE links electrically, but not necessarily physically/ visually. This...
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    Barefoot's 1989 FJ62

    I just found an FJ 62 on the side of the road, and the price was right. So, what can I say, it followed me home. Previous owner tagged a f150 and took out the grill, passenger headlights, inner and outer fenders The good -With the exception of the front clip, and what appears to be surface...
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    Suspension replacement without lift

    Anyone have brand/vendor recommendations for rebuilding the tired suspension on an 87 with as little lift as possible?
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    Planning assistance request

    I need help finding a few places to setup camp. I will be taking my kids from North Georgia to Central Pennsylvania to visit family later this summer and would like to sneak some camping in along the way. I will not need any type of shore power/ water. I am looking for places... -along...
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    Window guides / regulator issues

    Gents, I am trying to sort out some issues with the front passenger window on an 87 fj60. I have pulled the door panel and the regulator seems to be working fine but the window runs "off track" (falls into the cab and jams) when you attempt to roll it up. The guides/ tracks look ok...
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    Replacement leaf spring bushings

    I am using leaf springs, shackles, and hangers from a 92(ish) 2wd 4cyl Toyota pickup in my expo trailer build and I need to replace the bushings. Does anyone know if the 2wd and 4wd bushings are the same?
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    Propane bottles inside expedition trailer

    In mocking up my expo trailer kitchen I keep thinking about how simple my plumbing and tank mounts would be if my ( yet to be purchased) LP tanks lived in the main box of my trailer. They would only be sharing space with camping equipment, my water tank/ pump, and an ARB fridge. Are there any...
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    Mombasa Adventure II / Annex

    Is the setup of the Mombasa Annex tents(covered entry) comparable to the tents that just have the awning? My main concern is whether or not the annex tents are as self contained as the non-annex tents. Are any tie downs/ lines etc required?
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    Barefoot Expedition Trailer Build

    Here is my attempt to document my expedition trailer build. At this point I feel that the trailer is most of the way through fabrication, but nowhere near finished. First, I must give credit where it is due... I found this thread...
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    Expedition Trailer Electrical Layout

    I am starting to plan my first 12V electrical system where battery endurance without recharging is a major consideration. This will be built from the ground up and I would much rather save and buy quality the first time than skimp and regret it later. I feel very comfortable with assembly, but...
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    Multi axis hitch dimensions

    I am in early stages of laying out a scratch build trailer that will incorporate either the AT or locknroll. While I am planning on making the tongue able to extend, I would really like to get the most out of the extension by incorporating the length of the coupler in my design from the...
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