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    Brand new OEM 80 series rear driveshaft

    I have a brand new 80 series OEM driveshaft from Toyota part #37110-60520 bought from Akella. It did not fit my cruiser with diesel conversion W/A442F as the driveshaft for it is longer. Paid a little over $500 and I will let it go for $400 plus the ride or make me a reasonable offer as I have...
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    1997 LX450 W/1HD-FT conversion LHD

    I am considering selling my 1997 Lexus LX450 that has a 1HD-FT swapped in with an A442F transmission. I bought it out of Vancouver Canada a few years ago and it was in immaculate shape with service records. I am asking $26,000 Canadian and as this was a Canadian vehicle that was also sold in the...
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    1997 LX450 W/1HD-FT conversion LHD

    double post. please delete
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    1HD-FT A/C Compressor needed

    Like it says above I am looking for an A/C compressor for a 1HD-FT so I can keep my wife happy! The clutch seized and broke off parts of the snap ring groove in the aluminum housing so I need a complete assembly, cannot just replace the clutch assembly. Hoping I can get one in north America...
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