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    SOLD 2002 Land Cruiser 100-series $8,500

    2002 100 series for sale. Located in Orlando, FL. I am the second owner. 220k miles. Vehicle is generally in goodcondition. We have owned it since 100k. No accidents and clean car fax report. It is my wife's daily driver. $9,500 OBO
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    Power Steering Vacuum Lines Location

    Sorry to post this thread but I have searched and didn't see the answer. I am in the process of replacing the alternator in my 2002 LC and unbolted the power steering pump to move out of the way. In the process, the vacuum lines came off the pump. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture or...
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    Wanted 2002 100 Series ABS Control Module Part No. 89540-60160

    I am looking for an ABS module for a 2002 Series 100. Part number 89540-60160. I am in Central Florida area. Thanks!
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    Independent Repair Shops in Orlando

    Hi All, I have a 2002 UZJ100 and am looking for a reputable repair shop in central Florida. I have always done my own work and won't take it to a dealer. Are there any trustworthy repair shops in the area? Thanks,
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    Central Florida - Independent Repairs Shops

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on independent repair shops in the central Florida (Orlando) area. I have the christmas tree dash light syndrome and don't want to go to a stealership. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Wanted WTB UZJ100 Lower Tailgate

    I need a lower tailgate/decklid that fits a 2002 Land Cruiser. Please reply to this post or email me at Thanks
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    Wanted 100 Series 16 inch OEM rim

    I need one 16 inch OEM rim that fits a 2002 100 Series. I am located in Orlando but happy to pay shipping.
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