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  1. SNLC

    How light can you get an 80 series?

    Lots of info here... Cheers
  2. SNLC

    Builds PZJ70 build-refurbish!?

    You are either going to like this or hate it! :lol: Personally, I like it and think it will look great once the black front bumper and sliders are fitted. Certainly changed the look of the truck, gold and black. :) Cheers
  3. SNLC

    Builds PZJ70 build-refurbish!?

    Back from the body shop, the list is getting small now. Cheers
  4. SNLC

    For Sale Boise, Idaho 1996 Lexus LX450 Moderate build, Mint condition

    two summers ago I passed up a super duper mint LX right here in Garden City. One of the cleanest I have ever seen, did have over 200k on it though. It was $5k. GLWS, that’s a nice one! Cheers
  5. SNLC

    Random Picture Thread

    When people don’t know what they are doing and work on Cruisers. Cheers
  6. SNLC

    The Kalifornia DIY Gearhead Nightmare

    I have tested my setup methods. A very big roller working next to a Cruiser I had set up. It moved a little from the vibrations but was rock solid. Anyone who is under trucks a lot has to think of the “what if’s”, I know I do! Cheers
  7. SNLC

    Random Picture Thread

    FB has become rather lame, has been for awhile but whatever. I pretty much use it for Cruiser stuff these days and that’s about it. Instagram on the other hand greets me often like this. :) Cheers
  8. SNLC

    The 'What are you listening to right now?' Thread

    Badass old school metal.... Cheers
  9. SNLC

    Builds PZJ70 build-refurbish!?

    Flares and mud flaps fitted. Still need to be painted. Cheers
  10. SNLC

    Acquiring a 1995/96 Omani Model 75 Troopy - have I gone mad?

    Got a shop that does R12 two blocks from me. Had them recharge two old Cruisers now. Cheers
  11. SNLC

    VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    You can try flipping the tire carrier over, it works for a 33” but I kind of doubt it works for a 35”. I have a spacer from an FJ Cruiser that will work but that moves the leverage out. Cheers
  12. SNLC

    more break power on a PZJ75

    Sure, front axle mods start about here.... Cheers
  13. SNLC

    Builds Let's build a 79 Series from parts...

    Started in on an HDJ81 project so started digging parts out of it. There is the Exedy Safari Tuff part number. Cheers
  14. SNLC

    Builds PZJ70 build-refurbish!?

    So if you follow @Delta VS on Instagram you can see sneak pics of the front bumper. I will post pics once it is back from powder coating and mounted. Cheers
  15. SNLC

    Builds The '93 Troopy Hodgepodge

    No rubber puck will be used on the bottom of that one, it simply won’t fit. Still use the sleeve chopped down a little. Cheers
  16. SNLC

    more break power on a PZJ75

    Not from what I have seen, they just have smaller rear discs. The statement about FJ80’s is correct, drums in the rear till the end of 92. Cheers
  17. SNLC

    Seat Covers

    SoR TuffDuck or for more cash and a bit nicer Escape Gear. I have ran both and both are great. Cheers
  18. SNLC

    more break power on a PZJ75

    Yup in the build thread. It’s not a bolt on job. Cheers
  19. SNLC

    more break power on a PZJ75

    The brakes on the gold PZJ70 are some of the best brakes I have ever experienced. Lots of people say run the 80 MC but it is designed for disc/disc and honestly I am not disputing it is good, I have not ran it on a disc/drum truck. I am running 80 calipers, rotors and pads up front. New drums...
  20. SNLC

    Factory vinyl floor mat for FZJ75?

    Yes you can still get the front mat, from that back I have had no luck finding them. Cheers
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