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  1. jonharis

    MSA 4x4 Fridge Slides - Adventure Imports

    We've been running the DS50 in our shop 80 series in combination with the MSA drawer system. 12 inches of drop and near one handed operation.
  2. jonharis

    MSA 4x4 Fridge Slides - Adventure Imports

    Here is a quick video from MSA showing the slide in action.
  3. jonharis

    MSA 4x4 Fridge Slides - Adventure Imports

    I'm happy to announce that Adventure Imports (you know us from MAXTRAX) is now the exclusive importer for MSA 4x4 Products. The decision to import MSA came from years of watching the Australian market trends and a personal desire for us at ADV to have a better quality fridge slide option. These...
  4. jonharis

    Call for vehicles for a national commercial.

    Call for vehicles- Hello, I am helping a friend procure vehicles for a commercial and yours is needed! One of the largest truck bed cover makers is filming on the western slope in the coming weeks. They are looking for late model vehicles for their shoots. Looking for a 2014 or newer Tundra...
  5. jonharis

    For Sale Justdifferentials / Nitro Gear 99 Land Cruiser 100 Series, SC'd, 4.88, lockers, Icon, slee, BUILT

    Good luck with sale. Messaging you offline. I've seen this truck in action multiple times and it's the ideal configuration for any 100 series. Truly turn key.
  6. jonharis

    For Sale 2002 Hundy at 105k miles w/ TRD charger and mostly built ( Houston)

    you have a PM with contact info in your inbox.
  7. jonharis

    Cordless Trimmer ..

    Bumping a long dead thread. I am now in the market for a new trimmer. In a quest to transition to electric (I have solar on my home and overproduce by 10-15%) Stihl came up as an option. Does anyone have one of their edgers? FSA65/85? Looking for long term input. @D'Animal, what are your...
  8. jonharis

    CRUISE MOAB 2015

    I thought I'd log in for just a moment. Looking forward to this event! @paflytyer and @bluecruiser are killing it at the Kokopelli. I decided to go look for them today.
  9. jonharis

    Sad News

    Thoughts are with John and family. I loved having Michele along on our trips and meetings. here presence and attitude were infectious. The girls loved being entertained by her and it was always great to see them light up when she was around. Rest well Michele.
  10. jonharis

    Yotas on the Beach 2015

    Looking forward to seeing you there Brad and Daniel! @BJTLC100 @Inukshuk
  11. jonharis

    Yotas on the Beach 2015

    It's's HAPPENING...and it's going to be awesome! Bring your Toyota out to A-Basin and join us for a day of riding, cocoa, fun, and maybe even a giveaway or two It's a free event, and we have 3 beach spots reserved....others are...
  12. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    This will give you some insights into what happened to the Tundra. Ouch!
  13. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    Here is our morning update. Corrected time on Tundra vs Canguro is actually pretty close. It's still anyones game. The other two Stock Full trucks are out of the race. Ford F150 out right at the begining, and the Hummer H! had mechanicals about 1/3 of the way in! Go Toyota...
  14. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    Yeah, it leaves a lot to be desired, Maybe we'll go down next year. ;) Stock Full is in the Lineup. Starting in moments! I got word that Canguro is having some radio issues, sending good thoughts their way. Toyota has a dedicated helicopter. Ha.
  15. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    Live Video Stream:
  16. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    Take a look at our article for more information about the Stock Full competitors.
  17. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    The guys passed Contingency! Congrats!
  18. jonharis

    2014 Baja 1000

    Thought a few of you might be interested. Our own @Inukshuk is following Canguro Racing this week at the Baja 1000. He's been feeding us some great images thus far and we will be live updating Facebook and Instagram throughout the race. Follow us at the links below. @woody is also in attendance...
  19. jonharis

    Missing man in Utah or North AZ

    From Jody's FB For those in Coconino County, Kane County and San Juan County: If you find Jason or his truck first, please do not compromise the scene. I have been given specific instructions by the authorities to notify them immediately and not to take action in your own hands. Possible...
  20. jonharis

    SEMA 2014!

    The last of this year's videos, Comeup Winch has redesigned their Seal series with a very cool control plate which displays operating information. Here's a link to the playlist of all of our SEMA Videos: Also get all of our coverage on the SEMA Page...
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